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Game freezing?

Anyone else having their game lock up when you enter the battle selection screen? Just checking to see if this is a global issue or a localized issue.

Game locks up after I click the battle icon and come to this screen.

Update: @Keith this seems to be a global issue and not account specific can you have someone look into it?

You can do PvP if you go this way to access the screen:

Just don’t click on the daily battle selection and you can navigate and compete to the standard PvP options (don’t click on what I have highlighted in the screen shot below)

You can also participate in the tournament if you navigate to it via this button:

Once there you can click fight (nothing else) and you can get to the tournament, however if you go to exit the tournament via the button highlighted here:

It will freeze your game since this exits to the battle menu.

Yes! I cant get in to even see, much less play, the “events” section. Tried on android and IOS device.

Freezes for me too once I try to navigate to the daily events

Having the same issue!

Got the problem here too.
Ludia’s testing team shining brightly again. :smile:

Mines OK no problems

I have no problems in my park…fingers crossed.

Same on both my devices, freezes.

@Tommi did you complete the daily events before the tournament went live?

Or anyone else that is not having any freezing issues?

I did not yet participate in the boss and did not start the cenezoic event. The other events were finished before the tournament started.

My game is now freezing. I can work on the Boss Event since I can bypass the main battle menu.

My game seems to be working again and I can navigate to any screen with out freezing? How about others?

The issue should now be fixed. You’ll need to restart your game for the changes to take effect.