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Game froze at loading screen with no loading


My JWA crashed on 1/18 which I thought was usual. Then I tried to reopen it and only to find a mammoth loading screen but without loading data or anything. I tried reinstall app, re-login Apple ID & Game Center, released plenty of storage for the game as well. None of them helps.

Device: IPhone 7 Plus running IOS13.2.2

Please help! Thanks!

Hey KeithHelloWolrd, could you try disconnecting and reconnecting to your internet connection?

Tried that as well.

Here is how it looks on my screen.

Could I ask you to contact our support team here at so our team can take a closer look?

If possible, could you please try playing the game on a different device in the meantime, to see if the same issue occurs?

Thank you Ned. I will send the issue report right away. And check other devices as well.

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