Game froze while opening incubator (tournament prize)


Ludia can you please help me? I’m just wanna open my previous tournament top 500 prize when suddenly the game freeze and not show incubator opening animation. I force close and re open the game. When i check mail. The prize for top 500 incubator is gone. Please help.

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Hey Michaelodonz, the prizes for the previous tournament has not gone out yet, but reach out to our support team here at with your support key and more detail so they can investigate and see what happened.


That’s funny, when the prizes haven’t been given out yet


Me tinks we being trolled


Yeah, me too. I keep buying the Premium incubators and they never show up. I’ve bought 3 of them. Please send them again.


I mean 50 of them. Please send ASAP


This actually happened to me though! Well, not for tournament but in one of the event incubators, is there anyway to check if you actually got the dna from the incubator? I’m not sure how many I had of each before, or exactly which ones you got from the final incubator in the “only the strong” event. Anyone know what to do? Would be good if there was some kind of in-game log where you could see recent events…


It might be possible for Ludia to access an account and determine what exactly a player got for DNA, but honestly, it’s probably not worth the time or effort.

In most cases, I’m given to understand that the player still receives the DNA from the incubator but doesn’t get to tap through the contents of the incubator and see it for themselves. I would agree, however, that some sort of “log” would be useful—just like what we now have with the daily Supply Drop limits (bugs notwithstanding).


it does. my game froze once and the next time you go back it it pops up with a screen that says “these items have been added to your inventory” or something like that.


Ok, I didn’t get that, hopefully I got them anyways :blush: