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Game gets more and more broken, please just give me my money back

When this game first came out, it seemed like a great game and I invested fairly heavily in it. But as time went on and more bug infested updates have added more features, all it seems to do is add more problems. I am getting to the point where I want to stop playing but I don’t because of the money I poured into it at the beginning. If this company can’t give us a product that does what is promised and continually breaks it with bugged features and unfair balancing, then they should really refund my investment because they obviously are not putting it to good use. I have asked repeatedly for refunds, which is stated they can do in their terms of service, based on their business decisions. Apparently developing a quality game is not part of their business decisions, because they deny my request with no reasoning.

The boosts have become the final straw. It is incredibly annoying to have spent so much time and effort into building my team just to get destroyed with out any real fighting chance by a lvl 21 thor with 166 speed the just critical its way through my dinos like nothing.

Please just give me my money back and let me go in peace