Game Glitches


I understand randomness and things should work out in the end but considering that in the last two matches 5 times in a row i I missed something that had a 50 percent success rate and myself I was hit 3 straight times. Additionally, I was in the middle of a match and we had each killed 1 dinosaur. He brought his out and I lost the match no more battle I was just declared the loser. It’s hard enough fighting dinos I can create and that are 3-5 levels higher than mine. Ever since you did your tournament I went from a 65-70 percent success rate to about 30 percent and have lost 500 pts and dropped from 8 arena to 7, while improving my strike team. Very frustrating that after all my improvements I’m still plummeting


I can understand your frustration, but have you thought this all the way through?

1.RNG is a mutha… it can work both ways and it when it doesn’t go your way, it plain sucks.

  1. Maybe, just maybe, you ranked up too quickly by over powering players with lesser Dinos?

  2. More players are getting involved and starting to understand the intricacies of the the battle mechanic and you are not keeping up?

  3. Just because you powered up your battle team doesn’t mean that everyone else just stood pat and did nothing. Others have powered their teams as well and the top is getting log jammed.

In no way do I mean this offensive towards you, I am simply trying to help you understand that the world is not always against you and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just run faster!