Game goals


What’s your goal ?
Having realised that the arenas are pretty pointless as they level off at 5000. I decided that my goals will be

  1. Collect all species
  2. Get all species to at least level 20

That’s it really :joy:


I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To save them is my real test
To hybridize them is my cause


I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Teach dinosaurs to understand
The power that’s inside


Now serius, i only want to get the uniques


My goal was indoraptor. Now I just want to have a fully balanced team and level up things that work well.

Tryko would be the ultimate end game goal personally and I hope to achieve that by 2022.


Play slowly. Reach player L20 - like PoGo L40. Bulit a nice defense and attack team. Last but not least maybe collect them all… :blush:


My goal is to become the first human-dinosaur hybrid!

I can’t decide between a Rolydominus or a Bertrasuchus!

Anyone have Dr.Wu’s phone number?


To play a few battles
To collect a few dinosaurs
Just to have a little fun a day. Simples.

Oh yeah… and to play fully F2P :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To quit playing this game as soon as possible!! Checked this game just out of curiosity to view the AR feature. My love for dinosaur made this my addiction, along with the new features, dinos, events that keep coming up! Can’t stop!!

Coming back to the game goals. Hopefully, I can quit/spend lesser time on this game once I complete these:

  1. Get T-Rex (Done)
  2. Get Indominus Rex (Done)
  3. Get Indo Raptor (In Progress - long way to go)
  4. Get the last Achievement for 100 Dinos Collected (Last 3 remaning - hybrids in Progress)
  5. Reach Top 500 once (Done) - This was not one of my goals! But feels good to be able to reach in the 300s rank with a mediocre team (none above Rank 20) and Player level 13.


:hugs: literally laughed out loud at ‘become the first human Dino hybrid’
Thanks for all your funny, sarcastic responses and it’s nice to see at least a few players with reachable goals and a sense of humour x


Overall goal is just to continue to build a stronger team with my primary focus being indoraptor. I’m 56 DNA away.


How are you planning to raise every dino to Level 20?
Farm for coins? That would take a hell lot of time!!


Hit number one for a few minutes during that weird reset a little while ago… it’s all for funsies now. Seriously tho, I’m really enjoying this game, I just want to keep having fun with it as long as possible, Even if it means taking a break every now and then. I’ve realized that when I’m really aching to evolve one dino or hybridize another I get a little stir-crazy but just taking this slow and enjoying the “adventure” has been just as enjoyable. (Waver Between 4000-4200, have a handful of legendaries and working on more… no rush, Not paying much …
mo money, mo problems)


I just want to have fun with this game and have been playing for 3 months straight now. Its motivated me to get up in the morning and walk my dogs (I live in AZ, literal hell).
Its addicting and distracting trying to get all the dinos unlocked and the battles are always intense. I have a love/hate relationship with those :joy::joy:
All in all, I just want to learn and have fun. And maybe make sime friends on the way :slight_smile:


Hi Rae!
Haha, same here… My pup has really enjoyed the longer… and more frequent walks these past few months. It’s definitely a win-win. The hardest part is making sure he doesn’t tug when I’m trying to lock down on a target! :dog2: :dart: :joy:


Omgggg right?! They know the schedule now and are waking me up like “mom, its dino walk time.” :joy: I have a big dog and a little dog… Lets just say catching dinos is a challenge :joy::joy::dog::dog::heart::heart:


My goals:
To manage to keep my relationship
To remember to feed the kids
To hold onto my job
Eat, drink occasionally
Go on a drive to the shops without pulling over every 2 minutes

…To catch them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::see_no_evil: someone send help!! :joy:


Oh… to not just run out in my slippers & PJs to get an Epic in the early hours…

Like Concavenator today…!

Then he disappeared before I got there.

I made a pretty pathetic sight limping home trying to hold in my quaking bottom lip…


To not choose what pubs to drink at based on their proximity to special events/spawns

To jump at the chance to take kids to the park when they ask, because they get to play… ahem not because I get to dart the daily event dinos… :joy:


Nowdays my gamegoal is to finish half of my battles finish without disconnect or somekind of error/freez etc.