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Game going STALE

For those who have reached the 5500+ level of arena in my alliance, it seems like many of us are losing interest in the game, esp the ever-stale PVP facing the same boosted dinos with our same boosted dinos everyday.

I know the idea might not be unpopular, but I think a midweek boost shuffle every 2 weeks could really help. It would allow for team rotation, testing new dinos, having some fun with PVP knowing we could rebalance in 2 weeks as opposed to months of not knowing when the next shuffle event will occur.

The midweek shuffle would also keep down the number of people over-boosting for tournaments.

Any thoughts?


I have not reached that level, however I totally agree because it gives a chance to test dinos and see what you could battle with unique to you.

I don’t know for sure, but I would guess most of the money spent on the game goes on boosts. That being the case a shuffle every 2 weeks would be a massive drain on the income Ludia needs to keep this game alive.

So I like the idea, but there would need to be a new source of income. No boosts being bought means no money coming in.

Any thoughts as to what may take the place of the boosts for players to spend their money on?

Dinosaur customization would be a nice monetization option. Stuff like palette swaps and new patterns would be really nice.


I think that would be awesome and would allow those to use creatures they other wouldn’t in the arena. Even if it wasn’t every 2 weeks, more like every month (and the shuffle only lasting for 1 week) would be nice!


Unless you come up with a way for Ludia to compensate for the huge loss of revenue, I don’t think it will ever happen.,

And I think that once the novelty of using those 100s benched dinos that are not good is gone, everybody would simply go back to your typicaly 12 to 20 dinos that are good. I would give the novelty about 2 months before it would be gone… What this game needs for diversity is simple balancing.

Yesss and different colors

Boost reshuffle every 2 week will lead to more instability howerver boost reshuffle every 2 months is ok

I did not think it is good, each restart ruins the arena more, and no one or most of the people will not change their equipment because the best creatures that exist in the game are the ones that everyone uses, that’s why the same creatures are always seen , because there is no variety, and there won’t be because those are the best creatures out there and Ludia doesn’t seem to mind upgrading more creatures to make them viable for use in PvP arenas.

Well that’s for the top, top players (high library and up) for those that are in the lower this could be great and pretty useful

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Lots of other games have successfully decoupled revenue from pay to win. Go the cosmetic route. Add skins (different tiers, exclusive skins, etc.) Provide the option for each of us to show the default for those who don’t want skins. Let some of these skins change attack animations.

In addition, if we had reason to boost more than 8ish dinos, then we would need more than 8 full sets of boosts. They could add content that utilizes 12, 16 or even 20 dinos. Multiple battles. Dungeon modes. Challenges. Etc. For example, make a progressively harder mode that you can only use cunning in. Do that as well for the other types. Suddenly a lot more dinos become relevant. They could even have their own leaderboards. Weekly tourneys with speed ties isn’t fun.

Add a tiered vip system. Decouple the current sub from it. Vip could be earned with multiple tiers unlocked. People that want to pay the sub can, and it can count toward vip level as well. Let bip give actual benefits- more darts per hit, or higher DNA per fuse, or more ciins form suppmy drops etc. - whatever you want.

And I’d like to be able to reset my boost for 1k hc per dino per reset. It feels really really bad to be able to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of boosts.

I think ludia would make a lot more if they would be open to these ideas (see league of legends revenue, clash of clans, mobile legends adventure, etc. Spans all game genres.) There are lots of ways to make money that are proven already in the mobile industry and don’t require holding boosts hostage.


I love the concept of having a much larger team of dinos to battle. Having only eight ensures you will see the same old dinos every time. Grow the team up to 20 and there will surely be a lot more variety. I like it!

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I’ve said if before on here but they need to stop focusing on boosts for revenue as it was always short sighted and dying out anyway.

Increase creature and player levels and offer reasonably priced coin / FIP bundles / dna exclusive incubators and they’ll easily replace and surpass declining boost revenue.

Then you can do the mid-week shuffle or offer shuffle ability in the store for HC. I would love to play around with different dinos and builds…arena is beyond boring right now.

It’s great to see some ideas for Ludia to continue earning revenue without relying on the boosts.

I really hope they listen to some of them


Please define ‘over boosting’ for tournaments’. I am confused about this concept.
That’s what advantage tournaments are for!

Players who boost for tournaments would reshuffle the boosts on their tournament creatures - in line with the tournament schedule.

It wouldn’t be pretty.


The upcoming tournament is gonna be a nightmare as it falls in the middle of a boost shuffle. My lvl 30 Rex with 0/10/20 will be fun

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Boosts as a revenue source is likely already reached the saturation point and substantially slowed, as we’ve discussed a few times most daily players have more than enough. I think every 3 months would make sense or as we discussed before a “pill” that fully resets 1 dino given once a week with the option to buy 1 additional per week. That would have a small revenue potential attached to it while allowing some level of experimentation. Ludia needs to recognize its product is dying and actually care about why. I’ve been waffling about leaving for a while and I find myself much less interested in spending any real time hunting or battling, I think a lot of us are hanging on out of habit but that only goes so far


Yes, those Rex gonna be funny speed ties.
I’ll see you in the blood bath.

Thanks for the feedback all!

I love the ideas for other income for Ludia to offset what little would be lost in boost revenue.

At times, I only stay with this game bc of my commitment to an alliance. It would be nice if Ludia could find a way to make team shuffling more dynamic. Might keep players more stimulated.

Yes! Right now, the only way to experiment with other dinos/rotations is in challenges and it isn’t the same without boosts involved. I think it would liven the game up for those of us who want to test and see what other team combinations could be used.

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