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Game has become buggy on samsung phones after latest android update

Bug Description.
My family members are playing this game, they have samsung phones, models are galaxy A9, galaxy A70. One phone (A70) started acting up a while ago, we couldnt really connect dots and understand why or when, possibly after latest JWA update. This weekend, other phone (A9) has received latest update and started acting up the same way.
Several things happen. Game keeps failing to load map objects after most fights, catching dinos. Minimazing game and then bringing it back up to reset connection doesnt help (this trick helps on my phone), need to restart the game. Often receiving rewards fails to load and the game locks up before showing first reward, so all there is is blue shiny thing in the middle of screen, restart is needed to continue playing. Also some incubators received in pvp arena lack images, theres just empty slot with time needed shown at the bottom.
Constant need to restart game so often makes playing this very disruptive.

Area is was found in:
How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Install latest android update (i think android 10) on galaxy A70 or A9

How often does it happen:
it doesnt happen every time, but very frequently.
What type of device are you using:
galaxy A70 or A9

Anyone having problems with Huawei Mate 20 Pro? Darting is impossible because stuttering. I have other phones and no such problem.

I actually have Huawei mate 10 pro. Stuttering happens after playing game for a longer period time(restart fixes it), or when driving at higher speeds (playing as passenger).

Stuttering appear right after starting. On the other phones it appears after some time playing but restarting helps.

Hey BarbedGarry, could I ask you to send your device information over to our support team at so our team can investigate? Please include your support key in the email as well.


Since i’m reporting bug that is present on my relatives’ phones(not mine), i should give their support keys, right?

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Reported this problem weeks ago on my A70 - the game has been bordering on un-useable since the Android update - reply from support said they were aware of increased crashing with this JWA update (no acknowledgement of the fact the problems started with an Android update) - said to try all the usual things (uninstalling, etc) despite the fact I said I had already done that and said if that didn’t work please send specifics despite the fact I already detailed multiple issues along with screen shots.

@Ned - support were a total waste of time.

Using my old smashed phone now to have any chance of playing while out and about.

My partner is actively blocking the update to stop it ruining her gameplay as well.

Today A70 phone got new update that fixed JWA problems, might fix your phone problems too.

That’s great news! Typically my phone has just gone away to be repaired - stopped charging :sob:

Hi Garry, I used to have a mate 10, just wanting to ask you if AR works on your phone? It never worked on my mate 10

Heh, i dont know if it works. I play it without it. Didnt get to work it in pokemon go either. It did work on Harry Potter game, though. But i dont particularly care about it, so didnt bother investigating.