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Game Has Become Super RNG

Withheld judgment for a while, but the game has truly become stupid with boosts. Now it is Super RNG. Just lost an entire team without even a hit to a lower level boosted Indoraptor. Earlier today I wiped out an entire team (at a higher level than me) with my boosted Thor because their RNG did not work. Now more than ever, JWA relies on evade, stun or cloak (and yes, buying boosts).


It really is just rolling the dice now to see if something hits or it doesn’t. The game has gone from bad at 1,6 to silly stupid. There is little, if any strategy now. The only good thing is I can see from the opening if I am going to lose and then just go off and do something else while the clock runs out.

And matching doesn’t work at all. My lvl 22 team is going up against lvl29 teams. Shame on you Ludia.


i noticed way more run to dodge/cloak/stun to survive after stat boost. me or opponents, are using random more than ever trying to have a chance against boosts.

and now, with boost market, it’s really las vegas:


The new dinos esp purutaurus are introduced as a good counter to dodge /evade dinos, tho need time to build up to team lvl.

But ludia lock them into arena exclusive that makes the game still years rng…

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Yeah, RNG like me… I dodged all of 10 rounds… thrice… more than…

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Just have to hope the weekly events are favourable when you want to create it, like the irritator event which has finally happened after so long.

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I went 0/13 on gsr’s last night,
Rng at its finest :joy::joy:


but level and put purutaurus in team, and face thor instead of indoraptor.

boosts making people act very defensive, setting a team full of counters.

Lost 3 battles this morning so trying to get an incubator. Lost every one. All RNG based. With the super boosts now it is totally abut cloaking or dodging. Arena is unplayable now. Thank goodness for strike towers.

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:joy: RNG has been a major factor for a long time now

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dont know if you all talk about aviary, but im in lockwood.
all battles today was about random.

me or opponent. everybody using cloak or random to survive at some round. some battles since first move, other as last option.

its now all about thor crit, indoraptor dodge, erlidom cloak, and so on.

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Yep @Pedrovisk it has unfortunately, but has been made even worse by the boosts.

@AndreMR - Yes, I am in Lockwood as well. did 7 battles. Lost 6 - all due to RNG. When the Thor you’re fighting is faster than you’re Erlidom cloak is the only option.

Of course, I finally win one battle (back down to ruins now) and it is a 15min incubator - lol.

battles at these arenas became not p2p, but both players vs random.

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So after losing 6 battles here was my next. My overboosted Thor and overboosted Drac wiped out their entire equally leveled team. Some might think woot! Jackpot! But sadly this is not fun either. There was no challenge at all. PvP is a joke now…