Game has been Freezing

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Area is was found in:

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How often does it happen:WHENEVER YOU LOAD THE GAME

What type of device are you using: IPHONE 13 PRO

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Hey @Gamer123, Would you be able to send this info and your support key to so we can look into this for you?

Thank you

Can’t get it to even load. This is what I see every time I try to get on. 1/31 is as far as it will load.

This is prob a bad internet connection, mine loads but then freezes on a number and the dna stops spinning or when I start loading the map it freezes

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Kinda what I was thinking/hoping. It FINALLY loaded! However since it seemed like I wasn’t the only one, I figured I’d chime in too in case it was a server problem.

At least you don’t have my problem lol :pensive:

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Exactly the same issue for me on an iPhone 7 running ios 15.5

The game has been freezing on launch and now freezes every time it opens for the last 24 hours. I get the map screen and then everything locks up. No restarts have helped.

Hi @Angelophile, if you are not on a guest account and uninstalling and reinstalling does not work then please send this info and your support key to, if you haven’t already, so we can continue to investigate this issue.

Thank you!