Game Help

When I first started the game, I was playing on a guest account. When I switched phones I had to restart all over again, but this time I connected to FaceBook. After a little while, I had the accounts switched using the support key so that I wouldn’t lose my progress. I re-visited the game after a while and when I went to log in it said there was an error and it logged me out of the game. When I tried logging back in the support key for my game was different and the game had switched back. If it helps I know the support key for both games.

Hey there, @Josh_Nicolas, I’m sorry to hear that you were logged out of your game! Reach out to our support team at and they’ll help get your account issues sorted so that you can get back to Dragon Training as soon as possible. It would be super helpful for you to include both of your support keys! Just make sure that you properly label each one so as to avoid confusion.