Game ideas?


it would be nice to have the map change in weather threwout the day


to be able to create an avatar would be nice to.


what if in the map you can see dinosaurs that are in the same area interacting with each other. either by fighting for something like that instead of just having them float around like bugs threwout the map


I’m gonna play the game for about a week, and what is gonna determine if I go VIP or not is if the darn supply drops are in same darn location (just outta reach) every day for the next 2 yeara like Pokemon go.

I really sucks to think some players never have to leave their house to crush supply boxes every hour… while other people have to drive all over friggin town.

There is no connection to real world objects, please randomize the location of supply boxes every 6 hours, so at least once a week on is near my house


Darts are far more useful than gold I’ve found and you get gold every battle up to a limit. Since I know I’ve got a mountain of gold but no darts, and I imagine this is the case for many other people, my suggestion is to get darts for your victories as well. If your opponent got 2 of your dinos you only get one dart, if your opponent only got 1 Dino then you get 2 darts, and if you won without any of your dinos downed you get 3 darts per victory. I feel this would encourage more activity in the game as well as battles as the player would have more incentive and thus spend longer in the game. That and well I know I tend to only battle now when I have a slot open for an incubator, and since I run low on darts I tend not to open the game until an incubator can be opened.


this is the map of the game at universal studios orlando. this game needs WAY more dinosaurs and stores this is so depressing.


this is pokémon go (clearly) jurassic has so much potential please don’t lose it!


It would be nice to battle friends. I would like to change arena I get u want to keep people from fighting over power players But to get any better is getting rare boxs. so trex is area 1 only maybe just have a chance to get it regardless of area of already out of the arena so a lvl 2 area gold box has a chance for any epic dino trex form one or epic dino from 2 and so on and the fact that in order to compare dino stats is really annoying . Click,scroll down,click x, scroll down to find new , click, scroll down see stats. Why can’t I just hold click 2 more swipe right or left between dinos I dont care about 3d mode so swipe right or left to cycle through dinos quickly is nice to and click on dino it self for 3d mode is better . And what pablo said live in small city its baron dont see dinos but every 4 or more blocks


sense we have to walk everywhere it would smart to have darts pop up or even game items instead of just dinosaurs


i get pokémon go had eggs but these are dinosaurs and they did exist and actually come from eggs…it’s only rite to have little eggs we can take care of and train and see grow up to be a lean mean killing machine!


these battles need to be a little bit more easier for someone who’s just starting. there’s barely any dinosaurs to level up as it is


It would be great if :

  1. we could feed dino’s to level up them,improve stats and grow them (they must have age)…
  2. we could breed them like in real life,like animals on farm (male,female = eggs)
  3. we could walk number of steps to hatching dino’s eggs and so…
  4. dino’s must have their age (like periods junior,adult and so)
  5. we could trade dino’s and the eggs different types
  6. PvP types (dino’s classes,speaces,weight category)
  7. mini games to earn some food for dino’s,or other things
  8. more food and water,more space in your personal park = more dino’s you can have in your collection
  9. safari (random dino’s hunt in random time of day and weather)
  10. time of year,weather,time of day = different kind of dino’s on the same places to meet,capture,fight,you know…
  11. the same kind of dino’s could have different stats,characters and etc.
  12. dino’s trainig
  13. dino’s evolution (eggs)


I had the same issue at 6 flags! I ended up playing pokemon instead.


because of this game i’m playing pogo again