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Game imbalance

I’m a fairly new player, level 61, been playing about 5 months and I’m regularly in the high top 5% in tournaments (which is fairly good as a non VIP I think). Mostly do to battling prowess rather than the strength of my dinos I think. One thing I’ve noticed is the overwhelming prevalence of carnivores. There are so many high level carnivores and either an underwhelming amount of amphibians, or they are extremely expensive to obtain. The imbalance seems so out of whack it practically makes no sense to put any effort towards a herbivore, or even working towards a monosterotops.

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If all you care about are tournaments, that’s true. Even though personally I do use herbivores as lead-off meat shields pretty successfully. But you definitely will run into problems in your PvEs if you don’t give them some attention. We get herbivore-only class events fairly frequently, and they certainly are very useful in the ptero-only events in the rounds where you can use other classes. Not to mention boss events with a ptero boss (fairly rare, but we do get them). Keep in mind the level of opponents in class events is based on your top 3 of all classes, not just the one class for that event (as best we can tell). So the game will really punish you if you aren’t giving all of them some equal attention.

But otherwise, yes, you are correct that the game is way over-slanted towards carnivores, since they are the most popular and well-known of the dinosaurs. You’ll see a somewhat similar bias towards surfaces in the aquatics and snows in the Cenozoics.