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Game improvement suggestion

For me, I have over 100 Dino’s to hatch…so I personally would like to see an increase in the number you can hatch from 4 to 8.

What are others thoughts?

But if that happens, we mut pay lots of bucks for slot 5,6,7 and slot 8 might cost 500 bucks or more…So that’s not a good idea

But if it were the case you will be free to invest your bucks or not, as you are now. Generally I don’t think that it is a realistic assumption they will ever introduce 8 hatch chambers.
I would appreciate they would show up 4 evolving chambers more often or make them a permanent part of the game.


You’re right! We don’t need any more slots for hatching creatures, which would cost 200-1000 bucks! Ludia won’t admit things to the game, they TAKE things out of the game and make it worse , not better!

They did just put in a whole new island…


The things I want most change from day to day. Obviously the complete nerfing of DBs in the game is probably a priority for most players but often it’s the little things that make me want to throw my phone across the room sometimes. The PvPs in particular. I can’t remember the last time I got something other than cheap food or coin rewards from the regular PvP which is so annoying after a hard match but I get so frustrated at having to pay twice as much for modded ones PLUS the cost of the mods…and then will sometimes end up getting an unwinnable match, just as I did now where not only did the AI put in an opponent with a 1-hit KO on me, it took the first turn too so I was immediately down one with no chance at all. That simply SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, it’s not fair to me as a player, and when it happens I just want to scream in frustration.


Same !
When my opponents are to strong and I don’t have a chance (like in Nodosaurus Tournament at he moment) or I win 23.000 coins for fighting with my strongest creatures , I’d like to throw my tabletout of the window… The rewards we get are so annoying! 23.000 coins or 11.000 food is a ELITE PRICE! We get 10.000.000 coins with one click from our creatures!
What have you done, Ludia!?
I watch YouTube Videos from 2016 were the game was beatiful!
But when JW Alive came out everything changed!

  • Bucks out of the packs and custom trades
  • A lot of Event pack rewards changed into prize wheels were you get lower rewards
  • More battles to complete an event > More creatures in cooldown > harder opponents >>> spend bucks for cooldown
  • Reduce the free speed up time
  • Boosters (most of the time you only have to pay coins or food to get them) changed into MOD’s > good MOD’s only for 100-200 bucks
  • Evolving Dinos needs a lot of tries
  • Mega creatures (example: Level 1347 Carnotaurus as PvE opponent) and no normal leveled opponents
  • Tournaments with MOD’s > Pay more MOD’s when you want to get the tournament creature >>> spending more bucks
  • Second spin on a prize wheel for lots of bucks > If you don’t know about that you can pay it by mistake , because you think you can watch a video to spin again
  • You have to use the wheekly unlock creature (rare, super rare or legendary aquatic or cenozoic) in an event at the same day, otherwise you can’t win S-DNA pack or Golden Rewards pack or you have to spend bucks to hatch the creature you’ve unlocked to complete the event
  • Reduce the time to complete the VIP Jurassic envent and weekly unlock event (3d > 1 day + 3 battles > 5)

Ludia , we want to go on playing this game!

When I started to play in December 2016 there were

  • no hybrids
  • no free speed ups at all
  • no Clash of Titans
  • no tournaments
  • no boss event
  • only two to three events per week
  • no trade harbor
  • no DNA building
  • evolving dinos needed a lot of tries, that hasn’t changed
  • no discounts
  • never a period with additional hatch chambers
  • no boosters and no mods…some would not consider them as improvement

Is the game worse as it was a few years ago? Absolutely not.
Could the game be a better one? Absolutely yes.

They made a couple of changes in the last few months that we don’t like, but compared to 2016 there is still a lot improvement in the game.


The thing I like about more slots is that it is totally optional. If you don’t want to use more than 4 slots, then you don’t. However I don’t use my dB to refresh like many do. I would prefer to use my dB on more hatchery slots and making my team deeper…which is where the game is really taking us. Using dB to refresh is a band aid solution, having a deeper team so you can do 5 battles without using dB is a longer term solution that aligns with the direction Ludia is going.

I am not bashing how anyone uses dB, as it’s a personal choice. I am just saying I would prefer to use my dB to improve the depth of my team. I also totally agree with @Tommi…the game has changed a lot since then in a lot of positive ways.


@Mary_Jo you should try to get into the 2 x Meat-Shield strategy, I played now probably 200+ regular PvP matches and there is no such thing like a non-winnable match, if you concentrate you win every match.

I think @Sionsith explained the strategy here once and the Gamingbeaver also plays only with this tactic. Super easy and smooth.
Also beside some crap I usually win really good stuff on the regular Elite PvP wheels when I grind a bit (like 10 matches+), today I got 1k plus DB’s from the Aquatics wheel alone …

Thanks for those of you who have provided some helpful suggestions on game strategies. It also appears that there are some who are receiving decent rewards these days. Unfortunately, I, like others, haven’t seen a decent reward in a prize wheel in a long time, in fact, I don’t ever remember when the prize wheels for most events were good.

As for the strategy of building “depth in the bench” within your Dino inventory, I have lots of DNA to do so but am skeptical that it will work in my favor. As many of us know, as you create better dinosaurs, the AI opponents usually become proportionally stronger too but I’ve read about players who have had to sell off their most powerful dinosaurs because the AI opponents become unbeatable. So, for example, is having four level 40 Indominus Rex the same as having one when the AI chooses your opponents?

Whether there is some game tactic or not that will help with these matches where the AI puts the vast majority of its points on one WAY overpowered opponent such that it can immediately kill one of yours is beside the point. I still don’t think it’s fair to do. In tournaments I accept that you may get nailed that way if you don’t put up a good enough team. In normal PvPs, there’s NO reason the AI cannot be configured to give a fair match.

For whatever reason the prize wheels just do not seem to be giving as decent prizes as before. I don’t tend to grind as much as I used to as the return on my time just hasn’t been there.


I haven’t seen a single regular PvP match where the opponent had an overpowered opponent to kill my first dinosaur with the first hit when I played with two meat-shields (never happened).

When I play with two meat-shields AI opponent always has one meat shield and two semi-strong creatures (sure can have class advantage and one might be stronger than the the 2nd one, but even my Metriaphodon never got killed).

Base strategy is very simple, my strong creature always blocks the first round (doesn’t matter if it loses some energy), I swap out and sacrifice the two meat-shields in round two and three and go into the match with 8 points and take care of the rest by attacking and blocking. Works for 70% of the matches very straight forward, if the opponent is better and/or has a class advantage I sometimes improvise, but that 8 points usually do the job.

It’s generally believed that the ferocity of your opponents is based on your top three creatures. It could stretch a little further down your lineup, but not much further. Therefore, having a deep, varried bench, that doesn’t substantially effect your top three, is one of the best strategies you can have if you want to be competitive in PVE.

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This is still precisely my point. You shouldn’t have to use such a convoluted, non-intuitive strategy, just because the AI plays so unfairly at times. Putting up 3 reasonably similarly matched dinos, with the highest health first IMO should NOT result in getting that first one immediately killed. I don’t expect the matches to always be an easy win… but I expect a fair chance without having to go to such extremes to keep the AI in check.


I have been playing for just a little over four years I have seen tournaments that took fourteen days to complete then they went down to seven days then down to four days then down to three days now back up to four days and as things in the beginning of the spin wheel you only received one spin but you won better prizes now you have two spins and with them you win less appealing prizes and back about a year ago I also noticed that in tournament where you could win several decent packs now you are lucky if you get a common in four days which has changed the amount of resources you can get in tournaments but even after all those changes I still keep playing because this is the best game that I have played so hopefully ludia/Jurassic world the game will come up with some better opportunities in the game so as a loyal player I will continue to keep plunging alone and hopefully they will find a better balance so ludia/Jurassic world the game keep up the awesome job of keeping this game interesting


That’s what I am hoping as well, it’s been frustrating as a new player that most of the changes have seemed to be in the negative but I appreciate hearing from the older players and so am hoping things will turn around. It does seem that activity on this tournament is down considerably so that might reflect players having had enough of the changes that they are starting to stop playing, the boss events haven’t had a win in ages it seems, popular bloggers like Gaming Beaver dropping their VIP, it seems like something has to give soon.

@Swocase here is an article and one linked within it that can hopefully shed some light on the depth of your team: Why is PvE Sooo Hard, or is it?

@Mary_Jo This tournament is actually more of the normal pace, the two previous tournaments were higher than normal, which seems to be the case when it is a valuable creature unlock. The Nodosaurus is not used in any hybrid as of yet so it is just a standard unique unlock that is nice to have but does not do much for end game purposes other than adding to your collection of creatures.

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Ah okay… that makes sense. Seems like there have been a lot more in recent months then that have been high demand than not. New creatures like mastodon and suchodus, hybrids like Indominus Rex and Metriaphodon, and important ones for hybrid making like Archelon and Pachyrhynosaurus. Last one not being in any of these 3 categories was Acanthostega… but that had rules too, as a lot of the ones before that one did as well. I went back always updating the new sheet on the Dino Data spreadsheet with tournament unlocks… and indeed looks like there are VERY few that are just plain Jurassics and unlock a fairly benign Dino.

Sigh, these lame rewards for all the work involved really are getting tedious. I tell myself at least it’s worth doing for the CoT unlock, because this is just pathetic, for 5-rounds, each with 2-3 dinos.