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Game improvement suggestions - Despawn Warning, Casual Arena, and Trading

I posted this over on reddit, and someone asked me to post it here so that Ludia could see. Here you go:

Hi everyone,

I am a pretty new player, but have been really active in the game. I want to start off by saying that I greatly enjoy the game and find it to be a step up from Pokemon GO. I love that they have minimized the amount of inventory management that we need to do, and that the battles are actually engaging.

That said, there are some things that I have noticed a few things that would improve the player experience. Feel free to comment feedback on what you think pros/cons/alternatives to these would be.

  1. An indication that a dino will despawn soon. Since distance to a creature has a tangible effect in this game, I often try to get as close as possible before launching the drone. I can’t express my frustration when it despawns while I am still approaching it, but I COULD have sent out a drone for a less than optimal battery to at least get SOME darts at it. Some indication, even as vague as the creature doing its animation a rapidly and repeatedly to show it is “agitated” and will leave in the next 60 seconds, would be great. It could be as up front as having a little status indicator with either how flighty it is or a straight up timer. Just SOMETHING so I know if I should be chasing down a dino a few blocks away, or if it will despawn before I get there.

  2. Random battles without ranking. Sometimes I am bored and want to casually battle, but no one in my alliance is available, and I don’t want to risk trophies when there are no empty incubator slots for it to pay off. A “Sparring Grounds” that runs like the arena but has no ranking, and rewards a little gold for winning, would be awesome as a time sink when I am waiting for more dinos to spawn and supply drops to refresh. It would also be cool for trying out new team compositions if you are unsure about swapping a dino.

  3. Trading DNA with friends. Not donating like in alliances, but rather trading an equal amount of DNA of the same rarity. This is really only a suggestion because my less active friend that I recruited to the game got kicked from our alliance without explanation (it was his second day of playing, so he had the lowest trophy count, so that is my best guess for a reason. No one answered when I asked). I would like to help him out by donating DNA for the dinos that he is working on, but I feel it is silly that I would have to search out a new alliance that will take both of us just to be able to interact more with my friend. I figure to help minimize people taking advantage, it would require a trade of the same amount of common for common and rare for rare in the trade. There would also be limits on amount that you can trade + a timer for new trades, just like with alliance donations. This would obviously take more coding to add, but I think it would be cool and useful for having IRL friends join the game. The other pro that I can see to this is that there are different zones that dictate what is a common spawn, so this would allow people who live in different zones to swap DNA that is less common for them.

So those are the thoughts that I have had so far on game features. I understand that there are potential drawbacks to all of them, but let me know what you think. Please elaborate on any reasoning that you have, since I have not played as long as some of you, so I may not have experienced the same things. Thanks.


These are all great ideas! I’d like to expand on your second suggestion, and option for battling AI, no rewards and you’re matched to an ‘equal’ team and you can pick your four Dino’s. This would be a way to test out a dino before taking it into a real match. You could find out how to use it effectively or just see how it performs in the arena


That is actually a nice idea. The strike towers that are actually within my level range have historically been uncommon (there are never 16-20, only 21-26 and higher) and I went through a long period of testing different dinos and losing horribly before I found a team that worked. Granted I took a break from the game for a bit and lost meta knowledge, but any player who’s moving up in ranks and getting new hybrids to try might have difficulty. Plus, there’s always the chance that you’ll discover a sleeper powerhouse that can throw your opponent off because it isn’t the same as everyone else’s.


The alliance I got invited to doesn’t have a minimum trophy count. Highest is somewhere 4300 and lowest 60 at the moment. Only prerequisite is being an active player aka helping out amap with the alliance missions. If interested, it’s GermanAlianz1 there is not that much chatting going on (not all members are German btw, I’m Dutch).

Your other ideas are ok and not something I take issue with but number 1. Wont happen, there is currently a system in place where if you loose contection to the game for any reason while darting. Ie app freeze… app gets force closed… lose cell service… app decided you are no longer connected to the internet even though you are. You get a do over on what your darting. Because you can control some of these force close on a bad darting session. Not knowing when its going to despawn is the risk to giving yourself a do over.

I was unaware that it gives do-overs, since that has not always been the case for me. Sometimes when my app crashes, the dino is not there anymore. Either way, I would posit that an indication for despawning would still matter if the dino is not in your circle, but would be if you moved toward it. Knowing that you have enough time to get it even to the edge of your outer circle would be nice.

They should have a play against your own team where the you get to play against 4 random dino’s taken from your own line-up.

Oh I love when you see an epic and you travel all the way over to it for it to just disappear. It’s so annoying. Happens a lot. Hell put a timer above it once you tap the creature to see how long you have to get to it before it despairs. I agree.

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