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Game Improvement suggestions


Have been playing Dragons Rise of Berk for over 8 years now. We just have two accounts left, used to have four, and I am the one keeping my kids accounts going but they still show some interest from time to time, but less often now…

Suggestions to improve the game:

1/ Increase the storage space 50 or even 100 times.
It is so frustrating not being able to collect the resources without them becoming full before you can collect from all the dragons. Then even more frustrating trying to find a way to spend the ruins and only being able to feed a dragon once with fish when it needs to be fed 5 times… Or sending a dust brawler dragon to collect Iron costing 499Million wood but still can’t collect all the wood. Have a second dustbrawler that is upgrading now, but this will only move the problem to having no space for Iron. As I have 3 ‘Premium Fireworm Princess’ and 2 premium Whispering Death almost all maxed this is a big issue (would be good if I can one donate to our other account).

This would also eliminate the need for the ‘More wood/fish for you to enjoy’ where I have around 500 emails for wood so don’t bother opening my email as new messages are buried at the bottom.

2/ Auto collect.
The time it takes and the number of clicks to collect all the resources, then the legendary dragons, seasonal statues, journeys etc… takes soooo looooong.

The next Clash of Clans upgrade will automatically reset things each time you log in. Maybe do something simular.

If you are trying to win the most number of clicks to do the basics then you are doing well, but this is not fun and by the time you have done all the basic stuff have not time or appetite to do other things in the game.

Also if you need to get out the door, to go to work/school there is not enough time in the morning, or are about to go to bed…

Often do the basic stuff while watching TV and or on multiple devices, so not paying a lot of attention and frequently make mistakes…

3/ Trader Johann
NOT interested in the special offers to use Runes to buy resources, want to be able to disable this. As mentioned above resources are maxed most of the time so why do I want to spend ruins when they are full already…

4/ Disappointed with the upgrade from level 124-134.
When this cam out was excited, but the cost in resources is massive and the gains minimal, in the number of resources collected per hour, but more so with the time increase, was hoping you would take the opportunity to increase the time for many dragons, including the Seashocker to over 8 hours (the time someone needs to sleep).

5/ Confirm spending runes/avoid accidentally spending.
The confirmation should be done with having to enter a code/number e.g. make it fun, like what is the answer to 2+2 obviously has to be kept simple so can be answered by all ages. Many times I have accidentally spent ruins completing an upgrade…

6/ Confirm spending resources to collect Iron
Would be good if you could have a ‘Do not ask again’ check box. Mainly use Dustbrawler for this which is the only thing he gets used for and do this every time I log in to keep spending wood and avoid more ‘More wood to enjoy’ as much as possible.

7/ Eret’s Boat.
Great that this was upgraded, but would be good if the number of raw amber was reduced and time the more you Trade.
Also would be good if you automatically select the maximum possible based on the raw amber available. Or better still automate this.

8/ Gobbers Duties.
The rewards do not match the effort. e.g get 3 key vs beat 24 dragons. Beating 24 dragons takes a lot of time and effort and should be rewarded as such.

9/ Waiting time
Love the animations, probably the best game for this, but after playing for over 8 years (can’t remember exactly now long anymore). Having to wait for the animation before you can move onto the next item is painful. This includes: Gobbers Duties, All journeys (those are the one’s that come to mind, not sure if there are others).

When doing Brawls, why does it need to load the islands map before taking you back the the Brawl screen, surely this takes time. This also happens with the challenges. Would be great if time is not wasted unnecessarily.

10/ Automate, Automate, Automate.

As mentioned, after playing for over 8 years with my kids, would be good if once you reach a certain level or been playing for x years, basic things happen automatically like:

  • Collect resources and start collecting again (would also avoid not clicking the right number of times and the dragon then not collecting, or even worse collecting the wrong resource like a seashocker collecting wood instead of fish). Pre-requisite to this is to increase the storage.

  • Collect from Seasonal statues (good to see this automatically continues after you have collected.

  • Collect from Legendary statues and send to collect again

  • Continue journeys - Maybe not so easy to auto-continue

  • Collect and send again for Amber

  • Collect rewards like Gobbers Duties.

  • Buy items from Johann as long as they don’t cost ruins

  • Valka training, check and resend

I am sure there are other things. Set the developers a challenge to minimise the ‘clicks’ need to do the basic stuff.

11/ Academy is Busy
If it’s busy, I don’t need you to take me too it, after all these years, I know where it is.

12/ Training complete.
When a dragon has finished training if it’s not in the hanger, you have to go find it… Why not add the Arrow to the Academy so you can see there is a dragon finished that is on berk and can be taken to it?

13/ Ruins, Ruins, Ruins
So many things need ruins, would be good if more things did not need ruins, or you could buy ruins with resources (exchange wood, iron or fish for ruins).

12/ Trade or give away dragons/resources
Would be great if you could trade or give away dragons and resources to other players using the players ID. Friends ID’s can be saved… in settings.

13/ Brawl - Guest Surrender
I am sure the ‘Guest’ players are an automated player. Can’t remember the last time I played against a non-guest, so assume people don’t brawl so often. If you have 3 dragons and guest only has one dragon left, surely he should surrender?
Hope you take some of these up.

14/ Seasonal Statues
Great to see these need to minimum number of clicks. One tap and collects/resets, if you won’t automate the collection and resetting of dragons, including Legendary, then make them one tap. But really really hope you will do many of the basic things automatically when a user logins.


Honestly, it really sounds like what you need is a break from this game. After 8 years (I thought the game was released in 2014, but I could be wrong, and maybe 5 years seems like 8 to you because of game fatigue).

Once you reach the end of the game and have enough dragons at max. level, resources become so abundant that they’re practically never a problem anymore (unless a couple of journeys in a row ask for 750 M or the same resource simultaneously), iron included. What would be the use of bigger storage, besides just accumulating more and more resources that aren’t really necessary?


Yes seems longer, been playing since release, sure it is more that 5 years…

Bigger storage would:

1/ Allow gamers to collect from all dragons before having to find what to spend on next. Sometimes even with Full fish basin, I can only feed one dragon once, before having to collect more so I can feed it four more times. Same goes for wood, often Maxed out one minute, then not enough to do an upgrade pay for journey selection etc… Not fun, just annoying.

2/ Would allow resources to be auto-collected, giving gamers time to do other things in the game.

3/ Often with Iron, you need over 13K (13.4 for some dragons) of Iron and if you use a Dustbrawler, which collects 1050 each times, it is difficult to collect only 13.4K often you are over 14k (the Iron storage capacity) so you have to loose some Iron to collect.

4/ As the training of dragon take several days at the higher levels, you can easily be faced with the situation where you will need a lot of resources in X hours/days, but not at the moment but don’t have the space to store the resources till needed. Instead you end up using it for something else which is not in your game plan.

5/ A Premium Fireworm Princess can collect for 1d03h and collect 12.9M/h. So that’s 348.3M. I have 3 maxed or close to, with these alone I can fill the Wood Basin.


Had that happen just now on our other account that is not overloaded with wood. Two separate journeys able to use wood to select the prize on the wheel for 750M. Managed to collect enough for one, but not the other.


Question(also answer…)- I only play the game as a guest. I don’t have a Facebook Account( I know it is more common now but for years I was predicting everything which has come out-i.e: the negative stuff)

Anyway, are you sure that brawling isn’t completely AI? I am not certain but I have always assumed it has to be. Several Reasons:

  1. Timing out would be the “Cheat” that would be used to manipulate the game.
  • I have played Poker Online since 2003 and it used to be a huge issue. It was solved very easily.
  1. I can’t accept that other Brawlers are so bad. I’ve also never played a “non-guest”( Easily over 7,500 Brawls)

  2. While I understand your point about 3 to 1, I have won numerous fights with 1 Dragon v 3. ( Combo of Berk Brawler statue, Champion WindGnasher, Drago Skrill, etc.)
    The only reason I mention this is why would you ever surrender other than to save time?

Thanks, King Maximus


I don’t think that guests in brawl are put there when no players are found… I think they turned brawl into an offline mode where you can only grind for runes and titles.

I would like to keep the titles and runes but make brawl online again!