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Game Improvement

The best suggestion that I can offer is to not follow Pokémon Go and make the app so large that it outgrows our devices.

It’s already causing lags, glitches, and crashes that were not happening before the update, due to overwhelmed memory on older phones.

If I have to pay megabucks on a new phone in order to keep playing, I’d reather do what I did with Pokémon Go. I stopped playing it and started playing this game instead.

Ludia needs to learn from others’ mistakes before they lose players that can no longer play because the app is too large for their device.

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Bam! Well said. I got home from work and loaded my game on my WiFi and within 30 minutes of that it crashed 3x. Same thing happens once I came back home this evening from being out playing, which it crashed numerous times. I was home about 30-45 minutes and it crashed 4x. When I’m out playing the game lags BAD. The supply drop spins are so slow. Tapping on creatures sometimes is too. Sometimes it lags so bad it crashes. This is on WiFi or not. This has progressed since 1.7 really bad. The game isn’t enjoyable anymore and that’s not even talking about battles.