Game improvements and remarks

Hello Ludia and all readers,

I have been collecting my inputs to the game for many weeks. I want to share them with you and Ludia, hoping that at least some can get implemented in the future. Some are just bugs, some are complaints, others are improvement proposals. A few of them will very likely repeat what was already said by others in this forum – if so, then dev team should take it as a very clear signal from us, players, what we expect.

They are not sorted by criticality, just came as I played, in random order.

  • Buying stuff with runes should be confirmed extra by player every time (or above the price 10 runes or so). Especially when feeding high level dragons the game offers me to buy fish for runes when my fish stock runs out, and it pops up exactly in the spot where my finger is. I am very often on the verge of clicking it, and few times I actually did that by mistake (and that hurt). Either take away that option, or block it with new button somewhere else on screen.
  • When going to any Legendary Dragon by selecting it from menu at the bottom of the screen, game zooms out the view completely. I find this quite annoying.
  • Sometimes during the game, out of a sudden, the top bar (with resources count, etc.) just disappears. Rest of the game runs normally. The bar usually comes back after brawling or next time I log in the game, or just for no reason at all.
  • I think all dragons should have their species explicitly mentioned in an info box. There are cases (e.g. Exotic Coaldron) that it is not actually defined as Eruptodon in any description. Of course most players will know or easily figure it out, and for majority of dragons their species is plain to see, but not every time it is immediately obvious.
  • Unique Dragons from Brawl do not have icon of their egg. Technically they have not “hatched” in the game, however every dragon comes from an egg, so I think we deserve to see theirs.
  • Game usually gives you the opponent dragons which you least need when going for “Defeat 15 dragons of given type”. I would even call it malicious, having to fight 15-20 extra brawls sometimes to get the last few guys in the right color. Dragons come by more randomly when such quest is not on. Can something be done about this? A bit of more fair play.
  • Size of fish stack is dramatically low, compared to how much some dragons eat. Even with maxed-out capacity filled to the top, there are dragons which can only be fed just once. Storages should be 10-100 times larger.
  • Seasonal statues don’t have the free speedup for last 6 minutes, like many other actions. Can we have it please?
  • I wish that in the dragons stats it could be stated whether iron collection costs wood or fish. A little icon would be sufficient. You don’t usually know until you train it to lvl 80.
  • I would like to be able to go directly to given dragon’s flock from its info panel. The whole flocks browsing could be tuned up, it is pain to look for specific one among almost a 100. Also, when dragon’s flock is completed, it could receive some small bonus to one of its stats.
  • Filtering dragons in general should have more options, like: search for best wood collectors, among owned dragons, including current level of dragon and statue effect. And with possibility to disable or enable any of these filters. Plus filtering by specific flock, collection set they belong to (Brute, Exotic, etc.) or category (premium, exclusive) combined with level, resource collection, Brawl stats, Defend Berk stats, etc. – both in Hangar view and Book of Dragons.
  • When my dragon is in training, or completed it while I was away from the game, I wish I could point to it directly from academy and jump to its location. They are often scattered on entire Berk.
  • Showing resource collection slots on main screen could be good idea (10/14 - collecting/available, separate for fish and wood). Also some indicator whether collection time of specific dragon gets close to the end, or a kind of a progress bar filling up with time –it would be brilliant.
  • When brawling, surrender option should be visible from the very start.
  • When drawing a prize for Journey, the circle is split into 3 equal pieces, however success chances are not 1/3. I think percentage value could be written next to every prize. In general, every time a player has any random effect of any kind (dragon training, journey prize, gauntlet reward for a won battle, etc.) they deserve to know how much % there is for all options to happen and have that number given in writing on every shown possibility.
  • Often after watching an advertisement (for speedup actions), I get message “No video available” and my speedup simply fails. Not sure if that is related to the game itself or my Internet connection, but still it is a pure waste of time to see video for nothing. I do not quit or cancel the ad before it is over, it plays fully to the end
  • Can we have the possibility to exchange fish <-> wood? Even at rate 3:1 I would probably still use it every now and then.
  • Sage fruit and Actions Rush should be available to buy for runes/odins outside Gauntlet
  • Players can only see owned collectible items from collections that are currently “ongoing”. They in fact have many more collectibles of other types, but game keeps them hidden until they are needed. I think we should be able to see them all in some special “repository”.
  • Upgrading dragons from token packs is mostly random – why? I want to be able to manually distribute my token points to specific dragons and upgrade those I find useful, instead of being forced to give the points to dragons I have never used in battle.
  • When defending Berk against Drago on 999 lvl, there could be a small number showing how many battles left you have before 8h cooldown.
  • Defend Berk could have mini-objectives, like destroy all enemy ships, for extra prize.
  • Rewards for Brawls (with full slots) are… weak. Currently I receive 1M, while during Brawl itself my dragons collect a few times more than this. Should be proportional to max. capacity of player’s stack, maybe like 1-2% of it.
  • The way the order of dragons turns in battle is calculated should be visible to player (the “ticks” that some in forum have mentioned). Strange things happen during brawls. Enemy dragons seem to “steal turns” disproportionally more often than identical player’s dragons, with no buffs. We need clear rules and everything laid on the table, not hidden under it. Also all dragon’s Hit Points could be shown as number on both sides of brawl. Again – opponent dragons seem to have way more vitality on the same level.
  • When enemy dragons in brawl/gauntlet are Swift, they take first turn(s) in battle almost every time (with very, very few exceptions). However, when they are Protectors, they rarely come last, but usually in between my Furious/Cunning dragons. Is there some logical explanation? If that was purely random, opponent Swifts would go last into battle equally often as they go first, and this is not the case.
  • Light Fury for runes, please. Even at 10-15k, I could pay that eventually. Is it so unfair…

That’s it for now. From the amount of my writing, one could conclude I seriously dislike this game to spend so much time mostly criticizing it. I actually enjoy it a lot and have been spending years with it already, with no boredom. Great piece of work Ludia!

It is my favorite mobile game, yet it has sooooo much space for improvements. I hope at least some will get added soon.


Actually, you can know it by how much wood it costs.

I don’t it would be possible until they figure out something more tempting than light fury for flight club.

and defender dragons also don’t hatch. They are from dragon traps.

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  • I think all dragons should have their species explicitly mentioned in an info box. There are cases (e.g. Exotic Coaldron) that it is not actually defined as Eruptodon in any description. Of course most players will know or easily figure it out, and for majority of dragons their species is plain to see, but not every time it is immediately obvious.

This please!


You put some time and thought into this list, well done. That covers a lot of the pet peeves I’ve heard about over the years.

The only thing I would add to that list is the ability to breed dragons: Evolving the Game

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