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So I was a little bored today and was looking thru the various chats and found many people had really good ideas for improvements to the game, but they were spread all over the place. So I started to accumulate those ideas and put them in one place. Sorry I didn’t write down who thought of them, and only 1 of these are actually mine. But I wanted to see a more comprehensive list and see what different people thought their top 2 or 3 items from the list might be…


  • Rotate buildings
  • Park animation. (People walking on the streets)
  • Ability to share your park layout with others
  • Show hatch times when selecting Dino to hatch
  • Confirm hatching to avoid putting a 7 day Dino in slot 1
  • Confirm step on evolve to avoid accidentally over evolving
  • More battle backgrounds
  • Customize Dinos (decorations for Dinos or their paddocks)
  • clan/teams including clan chat, clan fights, etc.
  • More stories and better story progression
  • Better explanations of changes when new releases happen
  • Ability to de-evolve dinos


  • Ability to trade for Dinos you don’t have
  • Ability to trade for Dino bucks
  • Ability to trade resources with other players
  • Need more ways to earn Dino bucks
  • Rebalance prize wheel (eliminate more of the low level items)

My top 2 would be: Clans/teams, and trading resources with other players.

Please no clans! But the ability that players can change their Ressources is something I want

Here is my wish list I would like to see in the update 1-No dinosaur evolution above level 60 as an opponent 2-No more coins in card packs. 3-No more coins or food on any spin wheel 4-Boss statues awarded to everyone who completes all 70 missions. 5-VIP members should receive better prizes in all card packs and on all spin wheels { make it worth the investment to be a member } 6 the ability to purchase more of the same dinosaur at a time from the market


I like the multiple buy of Dino’s…good idea

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Thanks I have asked before but it still has not been agreed to by ludia maybe they will add it someday soon

I’m surprised I haven’t seen that before (didn’t have anyone write it in on my poll) but I agree it’d be so nice to have! I’m guessing the main reason they don’t add it is because then we wouldn’t have to use speedups during the Thurs morning discount to get more than one.


I agree with what you said I also think it is because you would not have to do speed ups if you could purchase multiple dinosaurs that are the same at one time just think about how much Dino bucks we could save

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