Game is down as of now what’s up


When is the maintenance going to be done?

Epic in special drops and the servers need maintenance
Error: 10057

REALLY? “We are doing some maintenance on the game. Thank you for your patience. Error: 10057”
After walking all over the place for the last four hours I finally see an Epic dinosaur and just when I get within 100 feet of it I get logged off and get this message? As I should be happy that you guys might actually finally fixing your platform I am just frustrated with the rarity that Epic dinos show up. They are almost always just out of reach of my drone and by the time I get there they disappear.

For any Ludia monitor…
Ludia if you ever read these messages PLEASE change your radar setup. I would love to have the rare and epic dinosaurs ping on the radar so we don’t walk past them without knowing they are there. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks I must look like an idiot walking half a block, spinning 360 degrees while being glued to my phone screen. :eyes:


Just myself ready to capture a new epic and I can get on for server maintenance!!
Hopefully I can find time later to try again!

Hope this is part of the coming update!


I had an incubator ready in a minute then it happened oof


Hey everyone, the game is down for maintenance right now but keep checking back on the forums for an update from Jorge soon.


Thanks for that pointless comment


Is maiasaura in the game rn?


@Ned I think people were actually asking if there was an idea of how long the maintenance is going to take.


Maintenance, really? Isn’t this usually done in the middle of the night? I wonder…


Well we’re all from different countries so it can’t be the middle of the night for everyone :rofl:


A warning an hour ahead would have been nice.


Hi all, we’re currently in Maintenance. Keep an eye on our twitter feed for live updates:


Central and Eastern Asia right now.


It would have been nice if they had started right before my encounter with the bot with lvl 30 dinos :neutral_face:


I’m currently excited because I thinks it the new update.

If it’s still in maintenance tomorrow and I lose my 3 attempts on the special event Dino I will not be so excited.


My suspicion exactly :wink:


Staff conformation is always nice to see.


Probably American… they think it all revolves around them :wink:


At the 1 hour mark. Ludia plz


Only had 1 more chance left for the event. Working all day tomorrow and heavily pregnant doesn’t make Dinosaur in easy. Only need 48 more. Will be so annoyed if I miss it because of maintenance