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Game is Fixed

I have 2 accounts on this game to prove a point. my main account is far stronger by almost two times over my second account. When battling the same alpha my weaker account scores almost 50,000 points higher after 3 attacks than my main account. I use the exact same line up and my main account gets far better combos. The only difference between the two accounts is my main account dragons are maxed 5 star dragons as for my weaker account the exact 5 star dragons are only 3 and 4 star. I’m calling Ludia out on this and saying this game is rigged


You make an interesting point, Robert. I think in broader terms, and this related to a previous post regarding general game balance on the arena, whatever a developer considers “balance” to represent in the context of game time, it is often directly the opposite of what a player may experience while he/she is playing the game in real time.

I certainly have issues regarding overall balance of the arena- it is most definitely unbalanced and is not one of most enjoyable aspects of the overall game experience. But I have noticed this phenomenon in Alpha battles, too. My daughter plays the game and has routinely scored as high or indeed higher than I have, despite using a four-star dominated team while I use a five-star team.

I think in this instance, the way the Alpha battle is structured actually works, it allows folk who are developing their battle teams to engage with the game and it encourages them to continue to expand their teams further.

So, in short, I think you are right- it is an observed phenomenon and one that has been deliberately structured so. Generally, I don’t have too much a problem with that. But…

The arena… Ludia, you should really take time to think carefully about this.