Game is forever loading intro screen

After updating IOS 13.3.1, the game stay forever loading in the intro screen. Someone has the same problem?

Im not iOS but had same issue yesterday and needed to unistall and then reinstall

I reinstall on IOS but no luck :sweat:

Androud user, same problem.
Installed the game 3 days ago. Stuck on intro after selecting login method.

Hey Alejandro_Villarroel, if you haven’t already, could you contact our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a look and provide some further troubleshooting steps for you?

Hi, Where can I get this key??

Your support key should be displayed at the bottom of the loading screen once you launch the game. However, this will depend on how far the game has loaded, and it might not appear if you’re stuck.

If you’re not able to see your support key, please still contact our support team so they can assist you.

Servers seem to be down again. I haven’t been able to play for like 10 hours, which makes me question if Lydia has any kind of supervision on their servers.

Same here. Game is frozen since 5 hours on loading screen. Where can we track server status

Mine work just fine…that odd

Sorry to hear that, our servers are up and running. Please contact our support team at Include in your e-mail your account ID (in game’s options, bottom right), and your Support Key (bottom left) and our support team will help you out.