Game is freaking IMPOSSIBLE!

So i installed the game 5 days ago and i started, and got my first creature as veloci, and started getting more dinos I got to level 4 and started pv p but i wanna say that getting new dinos is almost IMPOSSIBLE!!! and theres something like rarities, and in battle dinos deal HUNDREDS of damage, and i wanna give up. i cant find those blue rares everyone is talking about. are these blue dinos like GOD dinos are something. And i pvpd. like that everyone had dinos lvl 5 and higher and they killed theres a new update wih EPIC dinos with THOUSANDS of health!!! Im dead. My level 2 alosarous was battling this erlicosarus 2 and KILLED ME IN 1 SHOT!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:. rip me and i checked there team and they had rex!!! How can i played this game??? i need the strongest dinos so i could win and beat the game. this is fricking terrible i need a rare and i only have 10 common dinos under level level 3 and im gonna fricking quit. BAD GAME. BAD GAME. how do yall get these rares and epic anywys??? answer me in commens.

Also do all youtubers hav these rares or something?

sorry for bieng rude, im so angry only

Are you serious? Keep playing for a month or so and you’ll eventually get one :slightly_smiling_face:.


There are 3 more rarities: Legendary, Unique and Apex. Most use Uniques or Apexes, and don’t worry, the game will get easier.


I think at the beginning of the game you need to catch the dinosaurs around you and upgrade your level and the dinos. You shouldn’t focus on PVP matches.


You’ll unlock rares very Quickly


Jwa toolbox is another option


this is not an instant gratification type game. (unless you’re willing to spend thousands). its grind heavy and takes time.

there are 6 rarities of creatures. Common, rare, epic, legendary, unique and apex. each step up tends to be more powerful than the previous step, tho there are some exceptions.

there are also 3 main classes of creature. cunning, fierce, and resilient. generally each class is strong against one and weak to the other. cunning is strong against fierce but weak to resilient. there are dual classes, but those typically only come about when fusing hybrids.

wild creatures come in 4 rarities. common, rare, epic and legendary. each step up also has a smaller chance of showing up on the map. so commons will be like their namesake and be the most common while rares and epics will show up more infrequently. there is only one wild legendary and you have to be out and about to see it. It will only show up in close range (30 meters) and you can dart 2 per day. but it is a pretty low spawn chance.

as Chickenhawk said, downloading the field guid can help you get familiar with creature stats and move sets as well as help you locate where certain creatures will spawn and what time of day.

take your time and dart everything, and do everything you can do on the map each day. ask questions here on the forum. The veteran players will do their best to give you accurate information and even help with team composition. when possible, get into an alliance that suites your play style. each week there is dna given out based on the alliance’s work and progress. and each month there is rewards for doing well in tournaments which give out some unique dna.

best of luck.


Took me a month or so to get a epic but PVP is kinda hard so just play campaign battles or dart creatures. The campaign battles give some good DNA and darting creatures you alrrady have can help you level up but also unlock achievements which give good resources as well


The game won’t just hand things to you on a plate that would be boring you need to get out and grind - before you know it you will have the dinos you want …

But you’ve got to put the work in


When i started playing when the game first came out, i avoided the arena and focused on the hunting aspect of the game and level up. Between now and then, there a many ways to get to unlock dinos. Eventually when it seem i had a solid team that looks competitive then i would jump into the arena. I dont know what the meta looks like so i cant give advice to what to go for. I know when my brother came back into the game after being out for two years, the game was significantly different and didn’t know how to approach him better improving his team. Good luck!

I just… pop a giga scent and start darting stuff.


If you think this is bad, then you don’t know how bad aviary is after a reset

And just activate giga scents it’s easy rare and epic DNA


You can also get rare and epic creatures with sanctuaries. Takes time but it works


You just started. It just takes some time to figure out what moves beat what. And just pvp in general. Btw those creatures are only rares and I can garuntee that it gets harder. It just takes time. Or money depending on who you are😒


I find them all the time with giga scents.
Also if you save enough bucks, you’ll be able to buy a rare scent.
And if you have a hard time finding rares, just wait until you get to epics.


Welcome to game kid…
You can get epic and rares on events and incubators
just go out or play it daily


Another great tip from me: Over level your creatures from the standard level of creatures in your arena. About 4 is enough

You’re worried about fighting rares? Haha, that’s gonna be a fun road ahead for you.
How about laying off the battling for a while and just dart EVERYTHING while running 4 giga scents a day.