Game is freaking IMPOSSIBLE!

I been plating since March i got most of my dinos now on to legendary level 16 n 17 i am now on level 15 takes time i only used real money to buy more coins to upgrade i refuse to buy premiums becaus3 i cant afford my energy bills n food world going through cost of living crisis i do it the hard way play and enjoy but also make my point known that game needs to cater for all not for the rich trust me members on here been playing for years to get minimum level you will get there just keep at it


Good luck, don’t give up keep trying.

I personally have been playing since the summer of 2020, and yes, the rares at your level may not be easy, but wait until you are fighting uniques on a regular basis. Biggest thing you need is to level up your creatures and dart to get new ones.

Oh,just do the campgain,u wil get rates then epics then legendarys then apex’s

dont care, i wish game is deletd.

Whaat do yo mean


I have been playing for 2 years and i have nearly all the rares except Therizinosaurus

Are you seriously this salty when you don’t even know the real problems this game has?


He means that u are gonna fight a lvl ??? Unique when u reach a higher arena plus he is saying something about scents

Indominus Rex(both of them) can literally do 5000+ dmg and plus some dinos at level 26 have more than 1000 dmg

You need to be patient. With games like these, patience is key. You have to expect to play against people that have higher damage and play smart with your creatures. Since you have Velociraptor, Velociraptor’s high pounce will distract (distraction is a HUGE thing in-game) and will do a lot of damage. You just need to be prepared for whatever your opponent will pull out next

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All of you creatures should deal hundreds of damage. Also the erlikosaurus should have won because it is a cunning and cunning’s are supposed to beat fierce. Also there are creatures that can reach over 3000 damage with just a strike move

Max boosted mortems can deal probably 10k on their rampages if they use roar first.

An example of a creature that can reach 3000 dmg with a Strike is Albertocevia fully dmg boosted

I wish u were delet


You can actually delete this game from your phone, did you know that?