Game is full of bugs; MEGISTOTHERIUM

The game is getting more and more bugs by each update and are never resolved. And is becoming a detriment to the experience.

I have just just been deprived of my opportunity to dart MEGISTOTHERIUM to unlock it because of a bug, when I selected Launch, it loaded 70-80 percent then froze/crashed. on restart the creature vanished. This happens far too frequent.

Whenever I open an incubator (battle/tower/trial) 50% of the time the incubator does not show up and it freezes then I have to restart the app.

Sometimes whilst launching battle the game freezes before the start then I have to restart the app.

The game freezes at launch.

Selecting a supply drop causes the game to crash.

It lags whilst darting.

These bugs are not a consequence of lack of sufficient storage on device because I have over 2gb of space on my phone.

What’s the point of playing the game if I cant dart a creature to unlock it when presented the rare opportunity?!

Baybars #9922
support key: -edited-

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approximately equal problems here…

i get more and more frustrated about the game

The same bugs are consistent and new bugs piling up with each update. It has come to the stage where its impossible to ignore it now.

For the next update; Ludia should forget about Balancing, Nerfs, Boosts, new creatures, new moves, etc. and just focus one update ONLY on fixing ALL the bugs in the game.

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What’s funny I I think they just say a random number around 200 bugs were squashed and what they actually list is th only bugs actually squashed. It would make sense, since nothing seems to change

best idea ever :star_struck:

Hey Baybars, could you email our team at with your support key and device information? It’d help our team out with their investigation.