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Game is garbage

I just played someone with lower level dinos in every since all boosted to the teeth. Level 27 Thor with 166 speed! How is that even possible. He also had a level 26 DC with 145 speed! I grinded for months to make my current team, this makes a mockery of everything this game stood for. Best part I lost 48 more trophies, to a subpar team that somehow bought unlimited speed boosts. If this is your current vision take my resignation papers, as I will not continue to subject myself
to this joke of a battle system. And this is a side note to the sad excuse of a tournament you are currently running.


4 of 5 match making attempts fail.

I’ve darted on average 40-50 DNa less on the these Rex attempts than I used to.

Comparatively Underleveled dinos easily defeat their “older” counter parts with stat boosts (experienced this on both sides)

I think things are on the down hill but I hope I’m wrong


So frustrated here as well but gotta say your typo made me smile. 16/24 for a couple hours here and have tried everything but a reinstall which I have heard won’t help.
Awww @Hersh you fixed it…

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I’m just saying. That’s only speed tier 5. Which is completely possible. Once u get to speed tier 3 you can buy speed boosts

But i get your frustration

I faced this thor. Although one stat boost lower than the one u faced. Look at the health and damage lol I was shocked. Also facing multiple 160+ magna

Yeah mostly pent up frustration cause now what’s the point in hunting and in leveling. All that matters is who buys stat boosts that require zero grind or effort. Just daddy’s pay check. That’s not a game I want to be a part of. I’m hoping Monday when ludia works again, hope they enjoyed their weekend off there’s some statement addressing this.


Must be some sugar momma’s in the land down under for ya scuba to help out with the boosts…lol

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Haha it’s not the most effective way to get DNA :sweat_smile: :wink:

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Rather buy something more useful then pixels. Maybe once your apex predators application gets accepted you can trickle some wealth and knowledge down haha.

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In shredder long ago…lol

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I did beat the last team that had a 25 speed boosted Dracoceratops with my completely non boosted team. :smiling_imp:


Ludia must be running out of ways to make money before the game dies… pay2win strategy…

I can spend less money on several games that I can physically hold than the amount of money others have sunk into this game… I know I have spent more than I should have in the past… but I refuse to pay for boosts… and without boosts… this game is no longer fun… due to arena only dino’s for fusing… I don’t care much for the battles anymore but I still like to create and fuse the dino’s… but if I have to battle in the arena to get specific DNA… I don’t think I will enjoy it anymore…

unless something changes, my wife and I will be uninstalling soon… it is becoming more of a chore than enjoyment…

New darting - poor
arena only dino’s - poor
battle matchmaking - poor
boosts - poor
overall experience from July 2018 to May 2019 - poor

I’m still hopeful for something that will be a reason to stay… but won’t be the first time I walk away from a game… and of course… I know no one would miss 2 people when there are how many playing…

Here’s to hoping something good happens! I used to really enjoy this game…


Well said, good write up. The reason we’re here and so frustrated is at the end of the day we all want this game to succeed. We don’t want to see it cease to exist and if we just sit back and say nothing then there is zero hope of change. That screenshot is the current state of the arena. That’s what this game will become. Not who bought epic scents and grinded or who drove or took transport for hours looking for dinos they need. Just those that bought some boosts and got lucky enough to get them in their line ups. Last person I beat 3-0 cause they were severely underleveled and missing whatever Dino they sunk all their boosts into. The game is designed for a team of 8. Not just one Dino 5+ levels boosted. Especially endgame unique dinos


change your rating for jwa to 1*. only than they will listen. boosts made the jwa full pay2win garbage.



Watched this yesterday. Was pure gold. The kosher bit :rofl:

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Wish I could repost it, but mods have spoken :hushed:

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Stat boosts have ruined this game. All the grinding for DNA and now people can just spend money on boosts and instantly have a better team. The new tournament has been a mockery with the bug exploit. Not to mention more bugs than ever in this update, matches constantly timing out. I’ve just about lost all interest in playing this game anymore.


this update was a complete mess… i cant remember the last time a game company released an update so bad that it was like they figured out how to round house kick themselves in the face.