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Game is good but unrealistic

Ok, so first of all idk how rex can kill apato??? And rex cannot kill anky or trike. Anky can brake rexes bones and trike is as strong as rex. And their is no way in the world a raptor can kill t rex. Ok just incase u say, Well then why is rex called king? Just because its king doesnt mean its the strongest. They named it like that cuz at the time when they discovered it, it was thought to be the strongest.

How dare you call this game unrealistic! This could all totally happen!


it’s a game with sify elements and genetically altered dinosaurs. it’s not gonna be realistic because there needs to be a balancing mechanic.


With a bite force pushing 8,000 pounds of force and teeth exerting 431,000 pounds per square inch per tooth the question isn’t how can it kill apato, the question is what couldn’t it kill.

The numbers above help to explain why it was and is referred to as king Rex. I doubt you’d find anything stronger as the strongest today is the salt water crocodile and it isn’t close to those numbers.

Anything killing it in game is purely game mechanics. Game would suck if all you saw were level 30 max boosted Trex everywhere


Bruh…were u alive when there were dinosaurs…how can u say anky was not strong or velociraptor cannot kill trexin fact velociraptors hunted in parks so 90% chance they could kill trex

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nothing is realistic in the entire franchise(few exceptions but still), every dinosaur isn’t a pure real dinosaur, and if we’re being realistic, every dino in the game would have to be changed , besides, are you 100% sure about your statements?


a pack of raptors couldnt kill a rex, cuz they were like 3 ft tall and 6 ft long, you’d need like 50 of them to kill a rex and all they would be able to do is jump on its legs and hope to brake it, but eventually the rex would kill them all probably just by stomping on them


These aren’t meant to be the same as the irl dinos, these are Ingen’s versions. So they can get away with a lot without being ridiculous, as long as you buy a few sci-fi elements.


You do know that these dinos aren’t perfect replicas of their original ancestors, they have other dna such as iguana dna and others
(Not to Qaw Btw)


Colin’s statement is countering Kushagra_Gaming’s assertion that real Velociraptors had a 90% chance to kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and had nothing to do with the game itself.

Guess I forgot that

Let me remind you that you are talking about Jurassic world, you know, the franchise with genetically modified creatures and hybrids?


Dude, the dinosaurs can use magical shields and group healing and you’re worried that Rex killing Apato is unrealistic?


And then there’s the fact that they let a Tyrannosaur have an instant move. :upside_down_face:


The game is incredibly unrealistic but it’s a game about battling dinosaurs with special powers and mashing them together to make new dinosaurs just so you can battle those to death oh yeah and we are “saving” them because the dpg totally does not ingage in cruelly pitting innocent dinosaurs against each other for fun it’s not supposed to be realistic lol it’s supposed to be fun


“Shoot them in the head and other vital spots to drain their blood! We will save them through scientific vampirism!”

“We’ll save them by creating more and hybridizing them into unnatural abominations. We’re the good guys!”

“I think I’ve created a monster out of these innocent creatures and taken away all their agency. Let’s pit our beasts against each be other to… see which one was saved better!”



Yeah, between the unrealistic designs in the base series and the need for game balance, I wouldn’t really expect much more realism than this. Heck, if anything, the class triangle should be reversed if they based it on realism. Real life “resilients” beat real life “fierce” animals by growing huge (e.g. blue whales being too big for sharks to eat) or developing defenses (e.g. turtle shells protecting them from crocodiles), while real life “cunning” creatures would beat “resilients” by finding clever ways around their defenses (e.g. an eagle killing a turtle :sob: by lifting it into the air and dropping them from high up), and real life “fierce” animals usually specialize in bringing down fast lightly built “cunning” animals in a single blow or bleeding them out over time. Not to mention the inherent ambiguity in trying to apply the class system to real life in the first place. But they want the game designed a certain way, so that’s how it goes.


Maybe trex can kill but velociraptors also have a fair chance and velociraptor’s hunted in pack of 5-10

Although they have a better chance at doing more damage, raptors are still the size of turkeys and prob can’t kill a rex, maybe unless its like a newly hatched one

They were bigger than turkey