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Game is laggy for first code 19

So, for the past few days, when I do the first code 19 the game is super laggy resulting in a bunch of misses, even on the easy hand prints.

The second code 19 works fine after the first one.

I tried restarting the game, but than you auto lose the code 19. I was hoping it would pick back up like PvE.

This is on a normal iPad, latest version (2018). 7GB of free space.

My iPad Air doesn’t seem to have this problem.

I also noticed the games like to crash a lot before this happens. Along the lines of I open the game and it closes right away. I have to quit the game and fully restart. AND then this happens.

No other programs were running when this happened.

I’ve seen other posts about tablets having problems.

I guess apple is starting to have problems too now.

Excuse me while I go catch my escaped Dino’s. Again.


Oh,my Internet connection loves Dinosaurs,it lets them out once in a while to their natural habitat so they can be happy.

I’m having the same problem, but the entire game is laggy.

Yeah, with the iPad (regular, Apple last updated in 2018), a lot of the game is laggy when first started. (From the constant crashing where you have to close it totally out and reopen.)

My iPad Air (latest version) has a tiny bit of lag, but nothing that really causes problems. It too sometimes has the open/crashing problem, but much less.

The killer part is, the regular iPad doesn’t always do it. If the game is already open, and it resumes vs crashing, it is fine.

But the 8pm ET change over for speed up ads and Code-19s always seems to make it unhappy.

I just have to remember that if the game is unhappy around that time, to use the iPad Air or I’m going to get skunked on the first Code 19.

Mostly laggy when the game opens up. Ususally fades away after a couple of minutes. Most of the time I have to spam click a button for it to work when it’s laggy.

As do I, that is likely related to why I’m choking on the easiest of Code-19s.