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Game is not starting anymore

It doesn’t start anymore. When I tap the game, it seems to open but then it goes to the background.

My game goes out all the time I can’t play anymore

This was happening to me too! Welcome to the Forum, @Flavio_Camargo!

Hey Christof_Jacobs, could you reach out to our support team here at so they can take a look to see what the issue is? There are also some troubleshooting steps from our FAQ here that might help as well:

I tried all steps before, same issue. I always keep up with OS updates. I sent a mail, but I can’t add my support code. Because the game simply doesn’t start.

It’s almost 60 hours since I was able to play.

I only had a confirmation of my mail, but no actions. I guess I will have to cancel my subscriptions, seems it is not important enough. I still get the alerts, but can’t get in.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having issues with your game, Christof_Jacobs. Although I’m not really sure why that is happening, our team will be sure to try and assist you once they get a chance to see your email.

I found the issue: for some strange reason, my region got changed. I have put this back to the correct region and it’s working again.

Hopefully it will work for the others too.