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Game is now officially Pay to Win

How is someone with default stat dinosaurs supposed to beat those buying every single boost in the store each day?

We are gunna have Thor’s our speeding raptors, one shotting everything.

Did you guys not consider the consequences this would cause to arena balance?
Why didn’t you just restrict boosts to Epic quality or lower dinosaurs? That way they can make less used dinosaurs viable?

Bad move Ludia, you have gone for the quick money at the expense of game balance.

I fear this game is going to go downhill very fast.

Why don’t you remove the boost system, or make it not work on legendary or unique creatures.

Honestly this is upsetting because I really like this game, but as someone who is just VIP and sometimes buys a few things here and there but not these expensive boosts, how am I to compete?

Even at level 30 my dinosaurs stats will be inferior in all aspects! This gives a clear advantage to those who spend more…which changes this game from a skill based advantage Scissors > Paper > Rock game, into pay to win.


Find bug to exploit in tournament.

Win 30,000 hard cash.



I mean I understand trying to balance so many dinosaurs would be a nightmare, but they didn’t have to just chuck balance out the window.

You can’t even use things like learning each dinosaurs stats, moves, possible damage output and think of ways to counter, coz now all the stats are going to be random!

Bring out your 129 speed Erlidom? Whoops sorry that Thor now has 134 speed, CHOMP ur dead!


Like this?


perfectly balanced :smiley:


As all things should be🤔


Exactly that!

The only time our unboosted dinosaurs are going to have balance is when they are lying flat dead on the floor.

And don’t even get me started on Swap In Rat with ridiculous damage boost swapping in and taking off 60% of ur dinosaurs hp…NON CRIT!


What would a max Rex’s attack be😖

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About equal to ur dinosaurs health.


I guess they did think about the consequences… but the harry potter game is just around the corner they probably thought about “how to squeeze out the most money of the players before harry potter takes over and jwa dies”. Very unfortunate for the players like me who really love(d) this game! Its so sad :frowning:


Well if the tournaments stay without stat boost and every dino at lvl 26 then it’s fine

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While I did like the Potter movies. I prefer dinosaur hunting and battling.


I love Harry Potter and Dinosaurs,

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But what about arena which is where most players spend their time trying to have fun and earn incubators?

Edit: though not since 1.7 released lol

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My almost completely pushed lvl 30 team ( no stats boosts used! ) just got wiped by one lvl 27 thoradolo who was stat boosted lile crazy …


Nice to see all ur hard work and grinding payed off ay -_-.

I too had a boosted Thor solo my team earlier. Couldn’t even swap in a full health dino coz I take a hit, half health was gone, then instant charge, I’m stunned and then DSR I’m dead.


K.Rex : you want to know what a maxed out T Rex would be like …
hey fine by me cop this one, take a real hard look at this mega
chompers stats it will make the blood freeze in your veins fighting
this monster of a T Rex facing it would make you run for the hills
it is so overpowered !


Lord Lythronax just died by looking at that picture lol


Just wait till they think of adding equipment slots to the dinosaurs!

Trex with friggin laser beams on its head, and launches nukes from its back hahaa


lol yes it had me gawking in absolute terror when i saw those stats
i took one look and said no freaking way am i going to fight that
beast not now not ever !
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: