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Game is now officially Pay to Win


It reminds me of the time where someone was 100% convinced that @TheFETT and @TheMaxx were the same person… Just because of… the “The” probably ? :joy:

Dreadnaught is not something unusual, it’s actually a band group and a ship in star wars universe. So if someone rename itself unicordon for example, get banned for whatever, it will be fine to throw some accusations based on this ?

Think about it. Corrected :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally I think the stat boosts are a crutch for the no skill players that rely solely on RNG to get them through the arena. They cannot win a battle fairly, so they cheat by using a crutch move to compensate. I challenge each one to a battle using dinosaurs that have not been boosted. All boosted dinosaurs are forbidden.


I believe your challenge has been met with the current Tournament taking place.


sure, jan.


In the words of Julien_mayfair, sure, Jan.


I don’t see any boosts for sale in the store…there was a week ago but none now…where is this your talking about?


They took them down till tje fix the fact the store let people buy unlimited amounts…

Been gone a while?


this is the solution that, to a large degree, exacerbated the problem.



A T-Rex appeared down the road from us today…

Thought… nahhh I’m not even bothering.

Pre- 1.7 I was out in my PJs in the car up farm tracks getting questioned by police (true story) to get that.


Hunting means NOTHING now.


Been there done that in the middle of the night and scared witless when a small Cat wrapped itself around my legs & I didn’t know it was there until it happened! I have an ICD to so not so good…I have lost all faith in this game and only do friendly battles atm…won’t go out in the middle of the night again to dart an Epic…

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The game is definitely not pay to win because i would pay for the boosts but they are not available in the store. So how do i pay to win?


It’s pay to win previously, because people pay the extortionate prices for incubators, bucks and one time level up offers. It does give a huge advantage for the amount of DNA and coins it provides.

With boosts in stores it did become more so. Once Ludia decide how they want to handle these in future, it will most likely become so once again.

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Nobody dropped the ball, as if these changes came about randomly… this is the result of pure greed, and ludia apparently just underestimated the resulting backlash since they’ve previously been so effective in exploiting people. I understand how some people feel about the game, but most gamers do not understand how addictive behaviors work …every aspect of this game is built around exploiting people. Who do you think comes up with the ideas for the new updates? Ludia has full time psychologists on their staff, and very smart ones at that… these are the biggest decision makers. People keep asking “why they dont balance the game?”, but thats not the end goal. im amazed by how oblivious everyone seems to be about the psychological aspect of the game. My advise is to quit before this game ruins your life.