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Game is ruined

How do you all not see that the game has been ruined? I only play arena to get incubators. Please add a non stat boosted arena


Oh. We do!

This is Ludia’s strategy:

Year 1) get people to hunt, get them to battle, get them addicted. Sell them incubators with DNA. Sell them coins to level up the creatures. Sell them scents to get the creatures. All with just enough percentage of “filler” DNA to ensure they don’t get everything they need, and continue to buy more. Players spend 3, 4 figures on the game to get L30 creatures. They spend countless hours hunting and battling. They are fully addicted. Then… this becomes saturated… the “end game” is near.

Now. They finish up the first selling of the game and begin the switch to selling the game all over again…

They give players all the DNA they need to get those top-tier dinos (the St Patrick’s Day event). Use this last chance opportunity to harvest the rest of the money from the player base to buy coins to level up their new creatures.

Then… then!

  1. one year on. What have the most addicted players got left to spend their money on? Or bother with screen-time? Very little. The mid-level player base are hungry for the top still though… SO

they sell the game twice over

They introduce “boosts”.

Top players buy into this rather than losing out to a year’s worth of both money and time investment.

Mid-level players buy into this because it gets them closer to the top.


Right now, if you’re happy about the state of the game and playing along, be afraid. Do NOT spend money on this game.

Because mark my words. Ludia will throw your progress, your investment, into the fire just as they have those in the first year just as soon as the boosts reach “end game” too.

Then they will either introduce a 3rd way of re-selling this game. Or they’ll close up, say thank you very much.

We do see this. You’re not alone.<\b>


The community also helped ruin the game…

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Did you really need your own thread for this? There’s others where it could of fit in honestly.

Maybe he doesn’t read the threads not everyone does

Understandable but that just comes off as a “I just lost in arena rant”. Wasn’t trying to be rude to them though.



Meme thief…

Did some body say you are not alone?