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Game is shutting down everytime I close the opening window

My custom trade is coming up on a 24hour timer, I like it at the event reset… any ideas to get me into the trade harbor?

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No solution to that yet… it seems that the park as of now is inaccessible. Only tournaments can be played without much hindrance, even card packs and other resource purchases can’t prevent a crash.

Uhh, welcome to Jurassic World?


I wanted to clean the garage today… but after I played Jurassic World TG.

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What a suprise to wake up to this, was wondering why it’s been crashing.


Same problem for me. Maybe they’ll reward everyone with a Troodon for the trouble, I mean I definitely would’ve made it through dominator if it wasn’t for this issue… :sweat_smile:


My compensation ludia: Every tournament hybrid unlocked and 1000000 dna transferred in my park. Thank you…


Hi same problem here. Just had the game open a couple hours ago and now it wouldnt open. It would go on the loading page and open from there but when i close the inbox of the game, it leaves.

first time its ever happened.


I see someone in the Jurassic World Alive forums is also having a similar problem

I’m so glad that I did a tournament run last night now was going to skip till the morning, I’m gonna do a few more battles and hope my game doesnt crash in the meantime

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You are so greedy. I would be satisfied if I got 8 copies of the new 50k VIP.


HMMM, I can still do PvE via the tournament link… but no Trade Harbor. :frowning:

My custom trade. Stupid 24 hour timer with no 5min speed up or anything.

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Posted in wrong thread, someone transferred it, but i had deleted it.

I had the same problem. I was able to play a tournament battle, get a prize, but as soon as i tried to get to main screen it crashed. I tried on iPad an iphone

I would be satisfied with one (1) Rajasaurus. :joy:

I’m missing my Rajasaurus so much…


If were doing requests I would like an unlocked psephoderma, I’m a simple guy dont need much more than that… :joy:

I can get into the card packs buy menu from the 3 item (or 4th?) in the news banner.

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Same issue here. Note 10. Android.

Yes… I tried getting into the game from that a few minutes back, sadly no luck.

That was me! I’m just trying to keep all the posts about this issue in the same place so we can track it better.


i have the same issue been kicked out once enter the game


Welcome to the forum @Aden_Chen… this seems to be an issue of every player.

I’m heading to the JWA forums for a check if something similar’s happening to all players or just some.

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