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Game is Smoother Now

Since the last few weeks, JWTG had been quite laggy on my Galaxy Tab S4, 2018 release. I couldn’t that easily scroll around the park without lags in between. On my phone which is a very recent release it was running smoothly though.

Today morning when I opened JWTG on the tab, scrolling around the park has been much smoother. I am not sure if this issue was only for my device or if other players were having it too, I think I recollect that some Threads had been made.

Thank you Ludia! :+1:t4:


I had the same issue on my iPhone 11 but like you, the game feels smoother the last few days. Ludia support were less than helpful when I contacted them about it.


Same, my game also bacame smoother

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same here with me, maybe they fixed something


I feel like anything barely has changed. A bit less disconnections maybe, Samsung A70 and still having stuck in searching loop issue during the tourney battles. :sleepy:

I wanna believe that will change when I buy a new one. In a year sadly.

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I also have Samsung A70, I don’t face problems


Strange… Then it is all about the internet or the server quality. Or else, approximity to the local server if there is some I don’t know.

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