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Game is still crashing after the fix

The game is still crashing even after the forced fix that was put through sure would appreciate some help so @keith and @Ned and @jorge I need help getting in the game


Same here. Tried on Samsung S8+ and a Samsung Note10+

Tried it on my PC as well… No dice

Looked like another fix rolled out a minute ago, but still crashing on iPhone7 with up-to-date iOS

Also on iPhone SE

Can’t imagine this is isolated to a few people, as crashes for every device I have tried.

Is the game working for anybody?

Mine is also not working.

Mine has not worked for hours.

Mine is working, but I didn’t finish in Dominator… if it has something to do with Euryops, that could be why.

Mine hasn’t been working for most of the day. Tried on both Apple and Android devices. I read the FAQ and it mentioned emailing the support key with as many details as possible but I can’t find the email address

Reinstall twice crashing on is and android both

The game works on my Galaxy Tab S2 now.

Mine crashes when I try to open the game

@Ned what do I do??

I finished in predator and I seem to be affected

Mine still crashes when I try to open it. I do have my support key.

11 hours later and mine is still not loading. Latest iOS on iPhone and iPad.

Sigue sin funcionar se para todo el rato

It’s been like 2 days, still not working…

Could someone please let us know where ludia is on getting the game fixed so we at least know it’s getting worked on this morning @Ned, @Keith, @Jorge could you please give us a update

It definitely seems to be account based. I also finished in dominator, and I cannot get in on any device. I was able to statt a new game as guest without a catestrophic crash.
I do not have my support key because it crashes SO FAST that I don’t even get to the point where it is being displayed.

Are any of you others for which is it not working also VIP members? Maybe it’s a combination of things?