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Game is still crashing after the fix

I am not a VIP, also cannot get to my support key…

Sorry guys @Ned isn’t in yet. Best advice I can think of is to wait it out as the team is working on it. If you have already written into support please wait for them to respond as updating your ticket resets your place in the queue.

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It’s been a day for me , vip member , still crashing , make a quick fix

Mine is crashed as well with iPhone XS Max

Since this seems to be a global issue, I didn’t think a support ticket would be necessary or wanted. Do you guys really want thousands of support tickets on this issue?

Which is why I said if you already opened one, please be patient. But the best course of action is to wait on the team to figure it out.

Just want to confirm that there is not a need to submit a support ticket for this issue. Be patient for Ludia to respond to tickets on this issue seems to imply that a ticket needs to be submitted. Since support tickets usually take 4-5 days for a response I figured this is not ticket worthy since I am hoping it will be resolved within hours, not days.

Once a global fix is in place and I notice something not working as intended that’s when I figured a support ticket would be appropriate.

Please confirm if a ticket will be needed for the original perceived global issue.

no ticket is needed at this time

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@Sionsith if you are still online, can you see if you can get back into the game, The Dev’s just uploaded a fix and are trying to see if it worked or not.


Hooray! No crash for me now.
But what about my quests from yesterday? :wink:
<== They added them, thanks!

Can’t stop?