Game is stuck at 1/24

I can’t login to my Google play games account, the game is now stuck at 1/24 every time I try to login to the game. I even try to login as guest and link from Google play games to switch accounts.
After I do that, it shows an add credential error.

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Sorry to hear this, But we- I’m not a ludia person so all I can say is that your internet is down? It’s most likely your internet, just wait for a decent signal and the numbers will shoot up! Hope it works :grin:
Also, as you can see on the slider that would move up, it has a little pattern, that pattern moves while it loads! So if its moving, it’s trying to load!

It’s been trying to load the whole time I was in the game.

Dont worry, its probably the internet! If you dont have sprint or a mobile network, I dont think this game is for u :c … it has to have an internet or it doesnt work at all…

I just fixed it! I uninstalled-reinstalled the game. That ended up working.