Game is super slow and blah these days

Have noticed huge drop off in alliance participation recently, which I’m sure is for many reasons. Guess the Ludia team gleaned from surveys that we want fewer strikes and more battling, but the bosses are SO hard and so fruitless (even at level 20), I’m not even sure why to bother. Fridays and Saturdays are less exciting than mid-week used to be in terms of featured dinos, strikes, and everything else. It’s like a ghost town (even here in downtown Toronto).

Maybe I’m grumpy because i’m dumb enough to subscribe monthly, but I’m seeing less and less incentive to sign on (daily battle rewards suck, alliance rewards suck, daily incubator rewards suck, etc.), but our alliance has grown so quiet since the last update that I barely have anywhere to use interactions/food/toys in sanctuaries.

Guess i’m looking for some fresh blood? This is a nice diversion during Covid restrictions, but between development stagnation and sleepy alliance, it’s become very tedious.

My partner, who’s a product designer and roped me into this game, won’t even indulge me anymore. He just plays AFK Arena, which he insists is leading mobile gaming in terms of engaging updates. Meanwhile, I just wanna play JWA, buts it’s been so dull that I’ve gone so far as to sign into Pokémon after two years (and I never gave them this much money when I did play).

Anyway. If anyone wants to join Toronto R4ptors, plz do! We need it, haha.

blah. that’s a great way to put it

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While i do agree that the game has been stagnating recently, a lot of these problems do stem from older phones and 2.3 has been teased recently. The current prediction is the 27th for notes, but it’s not certain

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If players are sick of the basic mechanics of the game nothing in 2.3 will matter. If raids dun excite them then nothing will.

I have the opposite problem. There is too much going on for me everyday. Hardly have time to hunt or spin stops.

My alliance is stagnant in achieving 10/10 since raids give huge defense contributions.

The key to raids communication via strat sheets and external apps. Expecting an in game chat during raid is asking for the game to be even more flabby and thus unstable.


True. Vying for more in-game frills always just destabilizes the whole thing, and it’s glitchy at the best of times as is.

Here’s hoping. Needs a massive influx of new creatures and more action on the map. And not just more never-ending bosses who give you 13 unique DNA after 20 minutes of boring battle. =\