Game is toooooooo slow

I think everyone can agree now that loading times have become a massive issue when doing anything on the game so can we just have one update to just make the game run faster? A lot of players are getting fed up with the way the game is going but at least speeding the game up is a step in the right direction rather than adding more content at the cost of the game taking a full year to just load the map.


Everything in JWA takes a looooooooong time compared similar games like pokemon go or walking dead alive. I mean I can load a fight in walking dead, do the entire fight and start collecting the rewards in the same time JWA need to just load the darting screen.


I think there’s not enough “o” on your “toooooooo”… The game gets heavier and slower with each update… to the point I already had to buy a new device a year ago, cause the old one couldn’t handle it anymore.

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Had anyone mentioned how glitchy this game has become over the last few days? It’s terrible. It’s become just a joke now.


It is so much slower now.

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yep - it’s been this way for a while now. I can barely load anything in labs without the game lagging and eventually crashing, same with sancs, and forget achievements. Wow, those are hard to load.

Darting also becomes slow, and it lags.

Last couple of days were even slower for me… It’s so slow that I click on something and it takes so long to load that I begin to think I didn’t click right, so I click again… Then the screen finally loads but immediately goes back because of my second click :roll_eyes:

they should add a new section together with “bug fixes” in update notes…
“performance optimizations”

well, it may be “…none” also, but… :man_shrugging:

Hope, you dont’ get banned for this comment. :joy:



yep, i’m here since 2018. i always been sarcastic and posted many criticism about jwa, a lot of them with a bit of humor.

but recently i noticed an increase of negative interpretations about such type of criticism. less tolerating about personal opinions.

i better police myself more here to meet requirements and manifest full opinions in discord.


I got a new mid-range phone (A52S) this week and the difference between my old one (A50) and new one is INSANE.
I used to have map load times of 40+ seconds, now it’s less than 5 seconds. I can actually dart 2 creatures in 2 minutes when scenting now! (and still have a minute left)
You don’t need a flagship phone to run it now apparently, but a device with 3GB RAM that used to run the game just fine is now just unusable. But why? Is the map so over flooded with objects? And should that be a reason for a 800% decrease in speed? Of course not!

The game needs SERIOUS optimization, because it looks practically the same as 2 years ago, yet it’s 10x as slow…

I’m good “for now” with my new phone, but as soon as this gets laggy again, I’m really out. I give up.

Here’s some ideas:
Make device specific optimizations or settings:

  • View distance limit/settings
  • Hide certain objects by choice (sanctuaries or raid bosses for example. Some days you really don’t wanna raid and you can disable this to speed up the map, this has other benefits as well like being able to tap on things that a boss is standing on)
  • Lower polygon count! Every game has been doing this since 1990. Unity should provide tools for this (Mesh Simplifier anyone?).
  • Disable 3d buildings on the map. Just make it flat, it should render much quicker.
  • Disable snow/weather while we’re at it

I know Ludia is trying to keep it simple, one single gaming experience for everyone, but with the differences in game speed there is not one single experience anymore. What’s better, fast vs slow? Or detailed vs simplistic? If you can switch off blood, then why not other things?

Just optimize the game! Please! Everyone wants this