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Game is unplayable now

I can’t play the game anymore. The game crashes constantly. After a little while it will crash, try to open the loyalty point menu and it’ll crash, click on certain dinosaurs and it’ll crash, try to open a pack and it’ll crash. I’ve tried following all the troubleshooting steps on the website and nothing helped. I’ve cleared cache and reinstalled multiple times with no result. I’ve emailed Ludia earlier today with no response. At this rate I’m going have to just quit. It’s sad cause i loved this game. Any help is appreciated.

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I’m sorry to hear that, High_Chariot.

If you already emailed our team at, it can sometimes take a few business days for our team to see your message (depending on ticket volume) as messages are responded to in the order that they come in.

Your patience is appreciated!

The game needs a really high quality internet, both in speed and continuity. If you have changed a source or even the distance to it, this may be the cause behind it.

Any physical obstacles between you and the modem can cause troubles even sometimes. This is a needy game by all means. I hope this would help. :man_shrugging:t2: