Game is unplayable

@Ludia_Developers Today it took me HALF AND HOUR to open my game. After it finally loads up, it goes back to 1/25 for 3 minutes. As soon as I got into the game, it couldn’t press a single button, and the map wasn’t loading up. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Constantly freezing and glitching. Unplayable.

Just out of curiosity, what phone are you using?

6s, which ludia “supports” @Bub

Have you ever modded or dropped it? Do you live in an area with bad connection? What version of iOS is yours currently running?

im using ios 12, and my connection is 3 bars

And no I don’t hack

Not the game, the phone. If it’s a problem of this magnitude either a) you’re game is bugged and it’s needs to fix, b) the boards that run your phone are messed up or c) you have a virus. That’s all I can think of rn

my phone is running ok, is your game ok?

My game is fine on a iPhone 11… but your not the only person with a 6s complaining about the game after the last update.

I wont be able to get any diplodicus this weekend :roll_eyes: