Game is


Broken. Lots of complaints. No effort has been made to rectify these issues.

For one, dinos still spawn inside the strike tower. No matter how hard you tried, still…

Second, you may not be able to spin the green stops. Especially when there is a bird spawn at the stop. To make matters worse, if those birds are the ones flying above.

Third, I have noticed the instance of dinos escaping is getting more frequent now. We are left with 4-5 seconds left on the timer. This is so frustrating.

Please do copy and paste things that need to be addressed by the developer. So far, despite many complaints, these issues seem to have fallen to deaf ears.

What we get is another season of tournament!


It happened to me with a t Rex
also is it even possible to get 100 percent battery with pteradon? I haven’t yet.


Hey fsufian, I’m sorry that you’re being affected by some of these issues. Our support team is aware, and they’re still investigating into some of them. However, it could take some time, but we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated through our forum and other social media channels.


My friends were loading as guests, now not at all


Why is it that you battle against so many good people when the tournament restarts. This is pathetic as it is super unfair to lose every battle and get demoted to the old arena. Sort it out ffs! I know I am not the only person who has complained about this problem.