Game isn’t working


Hey I have a buddy that can’t get into the game at all. He had no issues playing before but that past few days the game doesn’t even load. He can’t even load it up to get into the forum for help. All his other apps work fine including Pokémon go which is a big app itself. Any help on getting his game back online from support?


Hey AidenClone, thank you for writing in! It seems like your friend is having an issue with his connection. Could you ask him to please try turning the data on his phone off and back on again? If he is connected to WiFi, please ask him to forget the WiFi network and reconnect to it again.

If these steps do not help, we recommend trying out the additional steps listed in the following post:

If the issue persists, your friend can contact our support team here at, and it’ll be helpful if he also included his Support Key in the email.