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Game is'nt even starting!

Can anyone help me out here. My Internet is working absolutely fine, so much that I can (& I did) play an HD video on youtube without any interruption. But its been 3-4 hrs & both my games (Ludia owned, of course) are stuck like this. They’re working fine on Data but they arent working at all on Wi-Fi. I even restarted my phone, cleared cache & junk files etc but the issue hasnt resolved a bit. Jurrasic World: The Game isnt working as well. Does anyone know why is this happening??Screenshot_20191027-201809_JW%20Alive appening??

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Hmmm… your version says 1.10.16
… my version still says 1.10.15. And mine is working.
Interesting :thinking:

Yeah, one of my alliance mate told me to install the update to see if it works. I did but its still stuck like this. The 7/26 glitch is a whole different thing, here it wouldnt even go past 1!

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Google Play Store does show an update available. From Oct 23. I’m not sure I want to try it :grimacing:

@Azazell, you say it does load on data? But not on wifi?

Yeah, its loading fine on Mobile Data, but it wont even start loading on Wi-Fi. Thats what bothering me.

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Hey Azazell, try forgetting your WiFi network on your device and then re-add it.

Hey Ned, Thanks for the tip but they are working fine now. Although it did take 6 hours so thats really frustrating.


I’m glad to hear that it’s working again. If this happens again, please feel free to reach out to our support team at as well.

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