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Game issues 1/26/21

I agree the service client are terrible and is like we are not important for us … 3 weeks now we have bugs with raid and the pvp battles getting worse … match doesn’t work and sometimes we never see some incubators in the exploration map .

I whrote to your service client 3 times and no one help me … just ask me to go in the forum group . Well I’m very desapointed …

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Don’t get discouraged, buddy.

You’ll get used to more bugs after a while.


Interesting news announcement from Ludia: we don’t know the answer. Now back off!

Again, you’ll get used to it.

With every new release notes they should put out a “new bugs” notes too

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Been a long time of suffering this !

Yep ! Problem raid doesn’t fix ! 2 months now ! Very désappointed. Tired to restart my app all the time and I need discord to raid if not , can’t raid ! Take 30 minutes just to find players for a raid . Terrible