Game issues with samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

ok now still unsure if it is game related or something else.
game after a little while will go slow lag then crash thinks 3fps
it not only crashes the game but the phone itself so you can’t even force quit it.
phone also is getting alot hotter thna usual.
this only started around 3 days ago.
i have uninstalled reinstalled the game 3 times
i have wiped the cache partion on the phone
i have wiped the game data and cache.
i have tried wireless and mobile data
i have tried a few others thing that arent related but was running out of options.

what i have not done is a factory reset which i really dont want to do as its only this game doing it.

i have had reports from others of similar issues but no real concrete data so it may just be me it may be an android thing i,m out of ideas.
and right now just darting or spinning the towers it is doing it.

there were a few hours during the day when it was fine no issues then all of a sudden boom.
any help would be appreciated.


p.s one last thing i forgot, i recorded a raid when it was doign it in playback you can’t see the stutter or the issue it looks normal.

Hey there tarot08. Could you please email our team at with your device information so they can investigate further?


will do

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toom, a quick video in case it helsp support or others about 2 minutes after i stopped recording the phone crashed it seems to be pushing it to the cpu and overheating/overloading and crash

i know everyone is on holidays and merry xmas or whatver needs to be said :stuck_out_tongue: just thought i would drop and update, over the last day or so i have had no problems, eveything seems fine there ahve been no changes on my end i am doign nothing different nothing on the phone has changed but the problem seems to have gone away for now.
i hate weird problems :stuck_out_tongue: anyway thanks and have a good break