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Game just crashes

I have been having problems since the last update but now the game just crashes straight after loading
Is anybody else having this problem?

I’m sorry that is happening Jymbow48. Could I ask you to try restarting your device? If you’re still having issues with crashing after doing that, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at

I have been having more crashing over the last e days, but today has been constant. I assume the developers have been doing upgrades that are causing it or the Ludia servers are being compromised by a hack or something.

In the last 24 hours, the game has crashed 3 out of 4 times when I have been trying to collect a secret room chest. I have no idea if I actually got the loot.

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For me now it just crashes every time I load now

The same happens to me. It is after doing a challenge and dice must be rolled. Loading the animation of the flashing crown just before rolling the dice causes the game to crash. When the game reloads it tries to load the same animation and then crashes again.

I just sit and reload and reload. After about 3-4 hours (several hundred tries at launching the game) the animation finally succeeds and I am able to play the game. Then after doing another few challenges the same thing happens again, and I am stuck in a continual crash loop.

I really really wish they would try to fix these crashes. They happen after opening chests, completing challenges, using guilds or when changing gear on characters. Sometimes I get lucky and I can play about 10 minutes without a crash. Mostly a crash will happen every 3-4 minutes.

This makes it harder and harder to like this game.

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Jonas pretty sure it was you - they got back to you and me last week or so and said to contact support. Look fir your old thread if it was you

I haven’t contacted them yet and putting up with at least one crash per challenge and in every secret room following chest

Hi Turbo

Yes I posted earlier about the topic. They told me to write support and I did.

They replied by saying that my device wasn’t optimized for the game. This can’t really be the case since everything worked perfectly before the last couple of updates.

Just a shame that we can’t really get to play an otherwise fun game.