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Game keeps crashing on me

I’m trying to get into Jurassic world the game and it keeps crashing every time I load in. I tried everything and nothing is working. Can y’all please help because I have 5 months of progress.

Reset/power cycle your network if you are on WiFi at home, including power cycling your phone and turning the WiFi off on your phone and then back on. Some times this helps.

Also depending on how much free space you have on your phone if you are low on space that can also cause problems so clearing and freeing up some storage can also help.

I tried those but it didn’t work

I was in a battle screen recording it and then it just crashed

Hello, Yaitzjacob. I’m sorry to hear about the crashing issues despite performing Sionsith’s suggestions. If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team at so they can provide additional troubleshooting steps. Don’t forget to include relevant screenshots/video clips as well as your support key. Thank you!

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