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Game keeps losing connection

I keep loosing the connection to the server after every Omega 09 battle (It is not my internet). Also since the update I have noticed more delay and freezing in the game. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Hey there, Doggy. I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing an increase in connection/freeze issues since the last update.

Could I ask you to please contact our support team at with your support key and device information? It’d help our team investigate further.

Thank you!

@Ned My game usually crashes several seconds after opening it, then won’t crash after that.

Now, it just keeps crashing. Every 30-60 seconds. I did one tournament battle and it crashed right after. I’ve already force closed the game and reopened it and I’ve also restarted my device. The game is unplayable like this.

Edit: crashed again right after my second battle. Luckily it’s giving me my prize when I reopen and keeping my trophies that I won (even though it crashed before I saw them)

Edit2: just crashed during a tournament battle. This will not do. My dinos will go on cool down without me even having a chance to win trophies.

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Yeah that’s what’s been happening to me. I do like 12,000 damage and then the game crashes right when the battle ends so all my rewards are lost. So then I have to wait like 3 hours for the cool down so I can use it again. I’ve been trying to stay away from using more powerful dinos cause of this reason

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