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Game keeps turning it self off

Hi mu game turns it self off every 5 mins…happens during battles in arena or incubator…hunting, fusing or just because…Can you help me?

I’m sorry to hear about this, David3. Have you tried restarting your device? If the problem persists, our support team would be glad to help you. Please reach out to them at with your support key and device information. Thank you.

Hi: yes I did restart my phone also deleted and reinstalled the game but its getting worst…Thanks for your answer I will contact them. Nice day :slight_smile:

Go to phone settings. Press screen time limit. Change it to how you want it to be on. Probually that’s why

Hi. Ok I did that .I also restarted my phone but it turned the game off again. Its crushing for some reason. I also tried to delete and reinstall the game but its still happening. What can I do?

El El jue, 21 may 2020 a la(s) 13:02, Jurassic Gamer 2 0 via Ludia Forums escribió:

Hi. Does someone has the same problem? The game keep turning it self off every 5 minutes. It happens while fussing, in arena, incubator battles or just hunting…

Is your battery overheating? The only time my old phone did that was if the battery got too hot when playing,

Nope its ok. It started 3 days ago…I think it might be because of updates Ludia is planing to release?!

I’ve not experienced it. Have you messaged Support? They might be able to help.

I will try…Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

No problem. Good luck.

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